Who knows more about protecting zSystems than zSystems people?

Security Control and Administration for the CICS Mainframe

zSecure CICS Toolkit improves CICS mainframe transaction processing:

  1. The IBM Customer Information Control System (CICS) is an online transaction processing program (OLTP) that, when used with COBOL programming language, can help in building application programing interfaces (APIs).
  2. Using the APIs provided by CICS, you can write programs that communicate with online users, customer, and other records in a data set using CICS facilities.

The zSecure CICS Toolkit enables CICS applications to use RACF to set access policies in the database.The API facilitates access authorization management checks on more than 2,000 resources, enabling you to easily integrate IBM system security and improve the application’s performance.

The interface and advanced API show only those functions and options that you delegate to your users, extending selected, basic administrative privileges to field administrators while still maintaining control over the types of commands distributed users can execute.

Help boost application programmer productivity

Application programmers do not need to know the IBM RACF database to create a customized authorization management application

Execute select Z System security functions

If an application on your Web server communicates with CICS on your mainframe, CICS can use its advanced API capabilities to execute select RACF security functions.

Customizable screens

Using the API, you can customize screens to meet requirements of a specific installation and control the information displayed to decentralized administrators.

Key zSecure CICS Toolkit Features

  • CICs mainframe resource access checks
  • Separation of duties (SOD)
  • Customizable screens
  • Sophisticated API capabilities
  • Detailed command menu for authorization management