Who knows more about protecting zSystems than zSystems people?

A Threat Detection and Compliance Solution for Your Z System

Whether IBM DB2, Linux on IBM Z Systems, or any of the supported databases, zSecure Alert identifies and secures operating systems by combining a threat knowledge base from your active configuration parameters. By comparing real-time activity with recent access patterns, zSecure Alert can uncover and report multiple types of attacks and configuration threats, including improper or privileged logons and failed logon attempts, changes that violate security policy, the addition or removal of system authority, suspicious activity on the UNIX subsystem, sensitive data resource information associated with data access and privileged user/group activity, even a lost zSecure Server connection.

Using CARLa Auditing and Reporting Language (CARLa) you can customize the alert reports for email, cell phone and pager delivery, as well as to your central security or network management console. You could even use zSecure Audit to demonstrate compliance with your industry’s security regulations. zSecure Alert also provides guidance on countermeasures to take when a threat is detected. It enables you to predefine and customize a countermeasure using IBM zSecure Admin, such as instantly revoking a user or shutting down an application when a certain security event occurs.

Threat detection for critical data

Predefined alerts enable you to quickly detect inappropriate actions or user behavior to provide you more efficient incident response.

Maintain data integrity

Unlike other products that detect threats from system management facility information, IBM zSecure Alert can detect malicious activity ― even when not recorded in the event log.

Drive down costs

Automated real-time compliance monitoring on the mainframe helps reduce your cost and exposure associated with failed audits or compliance.

Helps keep data secure

The ability to quickly diagnose and respond to exposures through closed-loop monitoring, intervention, and remediation enables you to intercept problems before they can damage your business.

Key Features

  • Sensitive data monitoring and threat detection
  • Broad range of monitoring capabilities
  • Guidance on countermeasures
  • Malicious activity detection
  • Fast, flexible alerts to information security threats
  • Modernize with IBM Cloud Pak for Security (Unified Console)