Who knows more about protecting zSystems than zSystems people?

Ensure Thorough and Accurate IT Risk Assessments

IBM zSecure Command Verifier ensures commands that might affect your data are the correct. Your organization’s data is likely one of its most valuable assets. If that data is housed in a mainframe environment, in the interest of information risk management, why not prevent noncompliant administrative commands that can change or delete access. zSecure Command Verifier will automatically authenticate command keywords against your specified policies as soon as a command is issued.

You specify policies using RACF profiles to determine the type of verification and to define actions when a noncompliant command is detected, including prevention of command execution. The tool generates immediate alerts if certain commands are issued, helping to prevent system outages caused when administrators issue incorrect commands. In seconds, zSecure Command Verifier stores changes to profiles in the RACF database, building a record of when a change to a profile was made and which administrator issued the command.

Monitors policy enforcements

Commands are intercepted as they are entered and compared to your security policy to determine whether or not they should be run.

Saves time in your IT risk assessments

Retrieve information on changes in seconds, saving hours of log file research and reduce the IT risks associated with accidental or malicious actions performed by privileged users.

Increases security control

Define and specify more focused commands using RACF policy. Generate alerts and grant commands beyond general verifications.

Key Features

  • Privileged-user-policy monitoring and enforcement protects data
  • Retrieves command information quickly
  • Defines and determines different types of IT risk assessments
  • Integrates with common IBM platforms