Simplify systems management with AIOps

Companies are looking to simplify IT operations and resolve complex problems quickly. AIOps uses automation to help detect and analyze anomalies to identify potential issues, isolate problems, analyze root causes, and resolve issues faster, so that teams can focus on driving business outcomes.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to solve many IT challenges. Find out why the mainframe is critical to the success of any AIOps adoption effort.

Predict events to reduce outages

Monitor hybrid applications and infrastructure to proactively detect anomalies and predict incidents.

Speed problem determination

Leverage all data sources to analyze anomalies, isolate problems, and identify root causes.

Minimize customer impact

Employ automation to enhance collaboration for faster incident resolution.

Monitor and detect

Monitor hybrid infrastructure and apps to detect anomalies.

Full-stack monitoring

Simplify the monitoring and management of IBM Z environments with a single tool set.

Application performance

Gain visibility by extending transaction tracking into core z/OS subsystems such as CICS, IMS, Db2 etc.

Detect anomalies

Use machine learning to create a baseline for normal system behavior, proactively detect operational anomalies and notify operations when they occur.

Discover operational insights

Analyze anomalies to isolate problems and identify root causes.

Accelerate problem solving

Get actionable insights into the health of your IT operations environment to accelerate problem identification, isolation, and resolution.

Identify root causes

Gain a complete picture of your IBM Z environment and its dependencies to support root cause analysis of a hybrid cloud implementation.

Automate IT

Respond to issues and anomalies faster to gain resiliency.

Free up your operations team

Automate and manage a range of system elements spanning both hardware and software resources across IBM Z.

Automate z/OS applications

Leverage Ansible for IBM Z to enable development and operations automation through unified workflow orchestration.

Securely automate cloud

Deploy, manage and govern from a single control point, wherever your workloads run.

Services for systems management

IBM can help you design, build, and implement your IT solutions.

Systems management case studies


Automate IT Ops

Ease app portability and deployment with OpenShift® and Ansible on IBM Z.

Journey to AIOps

You cannot successfully adopt AIOps in pieces or silos. Use a holistic approach focused on business processes and workflows.

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