Simpler Consulting helps healthcare organizations uncover critical opportunities to revitalize their operations.


Creating problem solvers

Healthcare is constantly facing emerging challenges - Simpler's expertise can help improve your bottom line while increasing flexibility and trust in your organization.

Simpler’s focus on empowering people with skills that help them seek out opportunities for improvement can help transform your healthcare organization by building a culture of continuous innovation.



Transform care processes and gain operational efficiency.


Improve patient satisfaction and get ahead of rising costs and reimbursement changes.


Rooted in lean transformation in manufacturing to achieve dramatically improved results.

Case study

Inland Empire Health Plan

Lean business transformation produced USD 41 million in annual savings across the organization.

Study trips

Our case studies demonstrate what a difference a Lean implementation can make, but there’s nothing like actually observing a Lean working environment. See first-hand how different organizations utilize this powerful management system to achieve success.


Lean healthcare

Learn what lean healthcare is and how it can benefit even the most complex organizations.

Lean transformation across a distance

How Hawaiian Electric continued to pursue operational excellence during the COVID-19 pandemic.