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Secure medical professionals’ devices, aid in HIPAA/HITECH compliance and improve data protection
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Protect healthcare data on devices connected to your network

Comply with healthcare regulations, reduce the strain on the IT workload and lower the cost of managing mobile devices. IBM MaaS360® is a user-friendly, unified endpoint management (UEM) solution that can manage and protect healthcare mobile devices, users and apps. Mobile device management (MDM) has AI analytics capabilities to help you detect and respond to malicious attacks that may put employee and patient data at risk, while also offering healthcare mobile device security.

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Benefits  Manage devices for doctors and nurses

Support varying device ownership strategies, including organization-owned, shared and bring your own device (BYOD).

Keep your data protected  

Comply with HIPAA/HITECH and other healthcare regulations by protecting your medical data and patient data.

Efficiently manage healthcare devices

Streamline apps and document distribution with efficient MDM healthcare and maintain a high level of data security.

Comply with medical data regulations and streamline device management MaaS360 simplifies the ability to manage devices across centralized and decentralized workforces, coping with varying device ownership policies, multiple operating systems, and data security to adhere to healthcare regulations. Learn more Mobile lifecycle control

In just a few clicks, enroll mobile devices and quickly manage the entire mobile lifecycle on all major operating systems: iOS, Android, iPadOS and AOSP device management. The granular management functionalities of MaaS360 allow control of MDM for healthcare use cases and help your initiatives to increase the productivity of IT teams.

Healthcare device management

Use our centralized device management solution for mobile devices used by medical staff along with general endpoints in the organization’s ecosystem, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones tablets and kiosks. Optimize your initiatives to merge MDM and client management solutions with a simple pricing structure and efficient workflows.

Application and content management

Enable end-to-end app lifecycle management that is simple to use for you and frictionless for doctors, nurses and distributed workforces. The MaaS360 mobile application management solution contains an app catalog that IT administrators can use to provision apps to users and provide protected access to specific apps.

Device security and data protection

Rely on automated, continuous monitoring of mobile devices, built-in threat management, data loss prevention and identity management to proactively obtain mobile device security. Ensure medical records, data and other sensitive information are protected due to the containerization capabilities of MaaS360, which do not affect your data quality and data governance policies.

Security driven by AI analytics

Obtain a real-time, in-depth security analysis and scores for a quicker decision-making process. MaaS360 acts as a protected digital data platform with built-in AI to create an interactive, graphical summary of your MDM operations and compliance, regardless of whether the devices are running iOS or Android.

Case studies The not-for-profit organization uses MaaS360 with UEM to secure over 400,000 member records. The IT team used MaaS360 with UEM to help improve productivity and streamline device support.
Other industries in focus Retail

Protect customer data and simplify retail mobile device management across your omnichannel implementation.


Centrally manage and protect purpose-built devices and regular endpoints across the distribution business and transport chain.


Manage and protect government employees’ devices, apps and data while automatically assessing cybersecurity risks.

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