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Mobile security for a mobile world

Today’s workplace is anywhere. CIOs and CISOs and their teams need a secure mobile workforce, including enterprise mobile security solutions that enable flexible delivery of apps, content and resources across devices and ensure a good cybersecurity posture. Whether supporting bring your own device (BYOD), choose your own device (CYOD) or a corporate-liable environment, these leaders need strategic options for mobile security threats and prevention to protect against advanced threats such as ransomware and to efficiently remediate any vulnerabilities. Such options include risk insights and behavioral analysis, security policy and containerization of mission-critical resources.

In our modern world, organizations must centrally manage endpoints and security while keeping their IT experts efficient, create frictionless experiences for their users, reduce cyberthreats and keep a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

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KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report - Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) 2023

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An integrated approach to better visibility and control over your mobile organization
Benefits Perform near real-time, AI-driven risk assessments

With Watson®, IBM Security® MaaS360® Advisor delivers insights into the risks that may impact your enrolled devices and users, ensuring a good security posture. The MaaS360 User Risk Management functionality takes these insights one step further by developing a continuously updated risk score for each enrolled user.

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Protect critical apps and data with container policy

Containment has been a cornerstone of mobile security since the early days of mobile device management (MDM). Still going strong today, it helps achieve a balance between user productivity and corporate data protection. Whether you need one for data loss prevention (DLP) or setting up authentication for an enterprise application, MaaS360 has the right container app for the job.

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Take direct action with mobile threat defense

IBM Security® MaaS360® Mobile Threat Management (MTM) can detect and remediate malware from suspicious apps before they cause problems. Through partnership with mobile threat defense (MTD) provider Wandera, these capabilities ensure a high level of endpoint protection, defending against phishing, man-in-the-middle, and cryptojacking attacks plus other device, network, app and content-based threats.

Learn how MaaS360 UEM and Wandera MTD deliver mobile security
Supported devices
Learn how to manage multiple platforms with an AI-driven unified endpoint management. Try MaaS360 plan assessment Read the documentation
Platform for mobile security Today’s cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, employees handle endless apps, and data has become currency. Enterprises are under pressure to make investments and strategy adjustments by using mobile security solutions. But those aren’t just for smartphones and tablets. Laptops, desktops, IoT, and nonstandard devices can be managed just like their mobile counterparts. UEM platforms equipped with AI-driven threat intelligence and remediation must drive any endpoint security conversation. Explore IBM Security MaaS360
Mobile security solutions Mobile device management (MDM)

The basis of any UEM deployment is MDM. While UEM solutions deliver a rich set of security and productivity tools for any device, none of those matter if devices themselves are not enrolled and managed at a basic level. MDM solutions provide API-based policy, same-day support for all popular operating systems, compliance rules, and app distribution that make up the backbone of any MDM platform.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM)

EMM solutions represent an evolution from MDM, a midway point to full UEM with a focus on the user experience and data security. Within MaaS360, EMM features include the secure container—an encrypted sandbox installed on user devices equipped with workplace applications—as well as identity tools and mobile app management (MAM) policies for corporate apps.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

BYOD is a corporate policy that empowers employees to be more mobile—to make their world their office. Put simply, BYOD encourages use of personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables, to access enterprise data from anywhere. From native containers to developer features such as User Enrollment and Android Enterprise, MaaS360 supports all types of BYOD deployment.

Unified endpoint management (UEM)

UEM offers a simplified and consolidated device management approach. It is a culmination of the device policy available in MDM and the data security and identity features provided through EMM deployment. UEM adds to those capabilities, layering on threat defense, AI analytics and the management of any device—whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or IoT—that use any of the most common mobile operating systems.

Secure mobile app development

Build smarter mobile services and applications with IBM Cloud®. Quickly architect, prototype and bring apps to market. Accelerate your mobile app’s time to value through authentication, analytics and artificial intelligence. Push notifications, automate data synchronization for both online and offline use, and scale serverless mobile applications automatically.

Mobility Success Services

From device procurement and deployment to lifecycle management and Windows 10 migration services, mobility success services help your enterprise deliver increased security and productivity.

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Case study
Credico USA achieves 100% tablet policy compliance How does an organization manage thousands of tablets for a diverse set of independent sales offices spread across the continent? With MaaS360, Credico was able to improve its compliance enforcement and reporting capabilities, plus its self-service portal features, to achieve total policy compliance, quick identification and remediation of security risks, and dramatically reduced costs. Read the case study
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