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Welcome to Think Today

This is your real-time event channel, broadcasting live from Think 2019 all week long. See what's happening in San Francisco with live conference updates as well as behind-the-scenes previews, promos, entertainment, and much more.

Our world-class reporters will be in the studio, around town, and inside Think Campus to bring you the best stories and provide insights and analysis.

Think Today Hosts

Traci Mitchell


Traci Mitchell is an Emmy-winning journalist who has worked at stations from coast to coast, covering everything from local breaking news and severe weather to national and international stories, interviewing presidential hopefuls, congressmen, executives, and celebrities. Traci conducted celebrity and lifestyle interviews for the Emmy-nominated daytime show My Generation. She also appeared as a principal actor on House of Cards.

SuChin Pak


SuChin Pak is best known as a correspondent for MTV’s VMAs, Movie Awards, and TRL, for which she has interviewed some of the biggest names in music and entertainment. She is host and co-producer of MTV’s My Life Translated and host of ABC’s People’s List, highlighting the biggest stories in pop culture, entertainment, lifestyle, human interest, and news.

Trace Dominguez


Trace Dominguez is an award-winning science communicator who has worked with the Discovery and Science Channels and hosts the YouTube channel Uno Dose of Trace. Breaking down the research behind the science that seems too good to be true and answering questions from his more than 15,000 subscribers, Uno Dose of Trace covers topics from DNA testing to hurricanes to reusable water bottles.

Roger Osorio


Roger Osorio is a learning strategist, executive coach, and motivational speaker who works with IBM leaders around the world, coaching them from goal to achievement. Through IBM’s Professional Coaching Services, Roger educates and empowers aspiring coaches at IBM to practice and apply valuable coaching skills in their day-to-day interactions. Roger also works with IBM’s Digital Business Group to empower developer communities to leverage the power of IBM Cloud.