Experience a new kind of expo

The traditional expo hall experience is transformed with Think Campuses so you can learn, network, and find your community of people that understand your professional challenges and enterprise goals.


Think Campus: Focus on the topics you care about most


A Campus is a space for you to explore specific topics and connect with your peers, business leaders, and technologists who understand your enterprise goals and challenges.

Campuses will host a variety of topic-tailored activities including sessions, networking events, expert talks, demonstrations, immersive experiences, education, entertainment, and refreshments.


Think Tanks

Take part in small group conversations with experts and like-minded peers for round table discussions, intimate Q&A sessions, and mini presentations.


Get behind-the-scenes access to the technologies discussed in sessions and see how they work first-hand.


Hear real stories from clients and join in-depth discussions about the technologies and solutions that are reshaping the way you live and work.

Find the Campus that's right for you


Smarter Business Showcase

Put smart to work for your enterprise with guidance from top experts and industry-leading service solutions.

  • Engage in special sessions on how IBM is putting smart to work at scale to transform business and industry
  • Business transformation showcases are where you can learn how to apply the right tools, techniques, and innovative technologies to accelerate your business and disrupt your industry

Data & AI Campus

Unlock the value of your data and put smart to work with AI.

  • Modernize your data estate and make it ready for an AI and multi-cloud world
  • Build, train, and deploy AI models at scale based on open technologies
  • Operationalize your AI-driven insights and business processes with trust and transparency

Cloud & Infrastructure Campus

Optimize your infrastructure with faster, smarter platforms and services.

  • Discover why thousands of enterprises across 20 industries trust IBM Cloud as a faster, more secure journey to cloud
  • Step into modernized systems with IBM Infrastructure, purpose-built to provide the performance, agility, and security that IT leaders can count on

Security & Resiliency Campus

Build trust and resiliency with the biggest advances in cybersecurity at work.

  • Dive deep into client stories and lessons learned from experts, standing by to answer all your toughest questions
  • Learn from the largest cybersecurity and resiliency vendor, trusted by thousands of clients who are now ready for anything

More than 180 IBM Business Partners will be standing by to offer you strategic advice and tailored solutions for your unique enterprise challenges.