As cyberattacks on industrial facilities increase, ABB and IBM extend threat monitoring from IT to plant equipment controllers.

Advanced technology solutions help you transform

Most industrial data is generated outside of IT – in manufacturing, supply chains or connected products. To apply the latest digital technologies, manufacturers must choose to either send data up or bring technology down. Proximity matters.

IBM’s Edge computing responds in real-time for worker safety and quality inspection. Built on open hybrid cloud, IBM brings AI innovation down to the action, so workflows can be built once and securely run anywhere.

Manufacturing solutions case studies

Optimize steel production with AI

Isdemir manages and monitors assets by criticality, applying predictive maintenance where it’s most needed.

Predict supply chain disruption with AI

Greenworks Tools puts next level order and inventory insights directly in the hands of customer service reps.

Strengthen customer experience with IoT and AI

Sandvik derives IoT-based mining insights to transform from equipment to services provider.


Start your Industry 4.0 journey

Follow our four-step roadmap to accelerate your journey to smarter manufacturing.

Digitize the industrial machinery supply chain

Apply technology to predict demand patterns, customize orders and leverage asset availability.

Become a sustainable enterprise

Leverage data to achieve your sustainability goals through greener operations and production.

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