Dispelling 5 myths of low-code app development

There are five main reasons why organizations choose to disregard low-code development; however, these reasons are merely myths that can be easily debunked. This blog explores and explodes those myths, and makes the case for low-code development. Read how low-code platforms are key to developing dynamic enterprise apps, and offer complete control over the application lifecycle.


Faster time to market

Accelerated time to value, with app delivery up to 10 times faster. Start small, fail fast or grow and scale quickly.

Lower cost

Build apps without spending a fortune. Use 70 percent fewer resources.

Innovate with advanced cloud services

Native integration of IBM Watson AI, IoT, Blockchain and more than 170 services for visual app development.

Increase developer productivity

Overcome a lack of skilled developers and the ever-increasing number of technologies and frameworks that developers must grasp. Professional and less-technical developers alike can build innovative apps faster than traditional methods.

Highly scalable

Cloud-native architecture supporting out-of-the-box high availability and scalability.

Secure to the core

Flexible cloud deployment across IBM Cloud options from public, to private and hybrid.

Innovate with IBM Cloud advanced services

Mendix provides tools for creating apps. Within those tools are built-in connectors to make it easy to integrate with high-value services like Watson Assistant on IBM Cloud.

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