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Embed AI to differentiate your solutions
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As an independent software vendor (ISV) or managed service provider (MSP), you can partner with IBM to elevate your solutions with IBM hybrid cloud and AI technology. Expand into new markets by making the most of IBM’s global reach, network of large enterprises and established go-to-market tools and strategies that can help amplify your sales.

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The benefits of building with IBM

Discover how partnering with us helps you create, promote and co-sell your solutions faster.

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Try IBM watsonx with free cloud credits

Build your next MVP on IBM Cloud®. Use free cloud credits to evaluate IBM technology, such as watsonx, and test integrations with your solution.

Engage with technical experts in IBM Build Lab

Access technical expertise within the IBM Build Lab team to amplify your solution’s capabilities and grow your team’s technical skills.

Leverage IBM resources to market your solution

Drive your demand generation campaigns with automated marketing, and co-marketing investments from IBM.

Add your solution listing on marketplaces

List your solutions on the IBM Partner Plus Directory (IPPD) and IBM Cloud® Catalog to boost visibility and awareness.

Receive co-sell support

Get go-to-market planning support to help you engage with prospects quicker and maximize your market opportunity through IBM’s network of sellers, partners and digital marketplaces.

Access the IBM Sales Partner Advocacy Program

Benefit from a channel-neutral sales environment that encourages collaboration between you and IBM sales teams to co-sell your solutions enhanced with IBM technology.

Use cases

Discover how IBM technology can enrich your solutions.

Answer customer questions sooner Deliver exceptional customer experience by equipping your employees with AI-solutions that extract, summarize, and classify requested information from a large corpuses, allowing them to answer and solve  customer questions in real-time.  Learn about watsonx Assistant

Automate sales and marketing tasks Streamline sales and marketing processes with AI that generates content, summarizes text, and identifies action items. Boost seller productivity, optimize marketing effort, and provide intelligent insights about clients with watsonx.ai. Learn about watsonx.ai

Accelerate business decisions Help customers simplify contracts and cut costs by giving them tools that use natural language processing to extract information from structured and unstructured data and content generation that provides actionable insights to any contractual requirements across the enterprise. Learn about Watson Discovery

Protect client data across the hybrid cloud Help your customers discover shadow data, monitor data access and protect data in near real-time across on-premise and cloud environments with IBM Security® Guardium®.  Learn about IBM Security solutions

Improve SOC efficiency Make your security operations center (SOC) more efficient and enable your clients to respond with greater speed and precision with IBM Security QRadar SOAR. Learn about IBM Security solutions

Embed AI to differentiate your solutions

The embeddable AI portfolio is a set of enterprise-grade AI products that include the watsonx AI and data platform, APIs, libraries, and applications. It enables software development companies  to integrate trustworthy AI into their commercial applications more easily, reduce time-to-market and deploy them in any hybrid multi-cloud environment.  

Become a value creator with watsonx

IBM watsonx is the AI and data platform that lets you build custom AI solutions  for your business, manage all data sources, and accelerate responsible AI workflows. Enhance your solutions by leverage AI assistants, powered by watsonx, to automate workflows and implement AI across a variety of business and technical functions such as customer service, HR and code development. 

Go beyond being an AI user and become an AI value creator. 

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Discover embeddable AI

MSSPs and cloud SIs can partner with IBM to accelerate the development and delivery of their security services.
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Emdeddable AI portfolio consists of our watsonx next-generation AI and data platform, comprised on watsonx.ai, watsonx.data, watsonx.governance; IBM AI APIs (IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding, IBM Watson Speech to Text, IBM Watson Text to Speech; IBM AI libraries (IBM Watson Natural Language Processing Library for Embed, IBM Watson Speech to Text Library for Embed, IBM Watson Text to Speech Library for Embed; IBM AI applications (watsonx Assistant, IBM Watson Discovery, watsonx Orchestrate).

Discover embeddable AI

The Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) can bring your company’s expertise together with IBM’s innovative and market-tested technologies. You deliver the offering under your brand and you own the client relationship. The ESA offers flexible terms and pricing for the IBM technology embedded in your offering, allowing you to control and predict your development costs. 

As a new Partner, you can apply for the cloud credits once you’ve signed an Embedded Service Agreement (ESA). These credits can be used for watsonx or any other offering on IBM Cloud.

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You are given certain benefits immediately after joining the program, and gain access to additional benefits the more you build with IBM. The benefits you receive depend on your partner tier.

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Yes, IBM Security’s program for service providers offers you white-glove services and go-to-market support that accelerate your time to value, helping you quickly reduce costs, increase analyst productivity, and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

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You can join our global community of developers, IBM Developer, to connect and learn in-demand skills and build solutions with real sample code for any technology.

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Yes, you can visit the IBM Digital Self-Serve Co-Create Experience (DSCE). DSCE helps data scientists, application developers and ML-Ops engineers discover and try IBM's embeddable AI portfolio across watsonx, IBM Watson Libraries, IBM Watson APIs and IBM AI Applications.


Yes, you can. You will receive more details on how to list your solution once you are an IBM Business Partner.

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