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Securing generative AI: What matters now

Only 24% of generative AI projects are being secured. Learn more on the top challenges when it comes to securing AI initiatives.

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AI to accelerate your security defenses

Today’s security teams face many challenges—sophisticated hackers, an expanding attack surface, an explosion of data and growing infrastructure complexity—that hinder their ability to safeguard datamanage user access, and quickly detect and respond to AI security threats.

IBM Security® provides transformative, AI-powered solutions that optimize analysts’ time—by accelerating ai threat detection and mitigation, expediting responses, and protecting user identity and datasets—while keeping cybersecurity teams in the loop and in charge.

How Generative AI Changes the Cybersecurity Landscape

Gain valuable insights into the future of AI in cybersecurity and learn how to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Check out the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024 for deeper insight into attackers’ tactics and recommendations to safeguard identities

Benefits Protecting data across hybrid cloud environments

AI tools can identify shadow data, monitor for abnormalities in data access and alert cybersecurity professionals about potential threats by malicious actors accessing the data or sensitive information—saving valuable time in detecting and remediating issues in real time.

Generating more accurate and prioritized threats

AI-powered risk analysis can produce incident summaries for high-fidelity alerts and automate incident responses, accelerating alert investigations and triage by an average of 55%. The AI technology also helps identify vulnerabilities across threat landscapes and defend against cybercriminals and cyber crime. 


Balancing user access needs and security

AI models can help balance security with user experience by analyzing the risk of each login attempt and verifying users through behavioral data, simplifying access for verified users and reducing the cost of fraud by up to 90%.  Also, AI systems help prevent phishing, malware and other malicious activities, ensuring a high security posture within security systems.

Solutions IBM Threat Detection and Response Services (TDR)

These services harness AI-powered solutions to swiftly identify and respond to security incidents. Using advanced ai algorithms, they provide proactive threat detection and incident response, coordinating defenses against cyber threats and hackers, thereby safeguarding sensitive data.

IBM Security® Guardium®

IBM Security Guardium is a data security platform that provides complete visibility throughout the data lifecycle and helps address data compliance needs. It features built-in AI outlier detection based on multiple risk factors, with functionality that provides organizations with superior data monitoring and quicker identification of data threats.

IBM Security QRadar® SIEM

IBM Security QRadar SIEM deploys AI to provide advanced threat detection, investigation and response technologies. Built on an open foundation, it empowers security analysts with enhanced threat intelligence and automation, enabling them to work with greater speed, efficiency and precision across their security tools.

IBM Security Verify

IBM Security Verify uses AI advancements to provide in-depth analysis for both consumer and workforce identity access management (IAM). It safeguards your users and applications, functioning efficiently both inside and outside the enterprise, through a seamless, cloud-native, software-as-a-service (SaaS) methodology.

IBM Security MaaS360®

MaaS360, harnessing the capabilities of AI, facilitates the management and security of enterprise devices. It provides extensive visibility and control over various devices and platforms. Utilizing predictive patching, risk-based policy enforcement, and contextual device actions, it bolsters the overall security posture.

IBM Security Managed Detection and Response Services

IBM Security Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services use automated and human-initiated actions to provide visibility and stop threats across networks and endpoints. With a unified, AI-powered approach, threat hunters can take decisive actions and respond to threats faster.

IBM Security Trusteer®

Trusteer uses AI and machine learning to establish digital identity trust. By analyzing various data points and user behavior, it can accurately distinguish between legitimate users and potential malicious actors, providing seamless security that doesn't compromise the user experience.

IBM watsonx™ Governance

This AI-powered solution enhances data governance strategies by providing a comprehensive framework for data quality, cataloging, privacy, and policy management. It aids in understanding, categorizing, and safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Latest product demos

IBM Security Guardium Insights: Designed for data security specialists With best-in-class features such as automated compliance, auditing, reporting and near real-time monitoring, Guardium Insights can help users meet data compliance regulations with a reduction in audit prep time. Guardium Insights can complement and enhance existing IBM Security Guardium Data Protection deployments or be installed on its own to help protect customer data and sensitive information and solve data compliance and cloud data activity monitoring challenges. Explore Guardium Request a free live demo

IBM Security Verify: Smart identity and access management solutions The modernized, modular IBM Security Verify solution provides deep, AI-powered context for both consumer and workforce identity and access management (IAM). Protect your users and apps, inside and outside the enterprise, with a low-friction, cloud-native, software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach. Explore Verify Request a free live demo

IBM Security® Maas360®: Manage and protect devices, users and data Modern-day companies with a remote workforce struggle to manage and protect their distributed devices. MaaS360 can help manage these devices, monitor them for malicious activities and deploy security measures. Find out how you can merge security and productivity with MaaS360. Explore MaaS360 Request a free live demo

Accelerate your response with IBM Security QRadar See a demo of how the QRadar Suite can accelerate response time by using a unified analyst experience, advanced AI and automation, and an open platform that connects with your existing tools. Explore Qradar Request a live demo

IBM Security Trusteer: Establish identity, build trust IBM understands that customers' painpoints have shifted from being fraud focused to now having to find a balance between delivering a seamless user experience while making sure these digital interactions are secure. Trusteer helps seamlessly establish identity trust across the omnichannel customer journey. Through cloud-based intelligence, backed by AI and patented machine learning, Trusteer provides a holistic approach to identifying new and existing customers, without negatively impacting user experience. Explore Trusteer

Case studies Sutherland Global Services

Sutherland delivers great customer experiences for its clients through a combination of consulting, services, implementation of proprietary and third-party software solutions, and SaaS and PaaS offerings, including implementing AI to enhance data security.


Credico, a professional services firm, enabled 100% tablet policy compliance and enhanced endpoint security with IBM Security MaaS360 – an AI-powered UEM solution, allowing them to manage 2,000 – 3,000 tablets for a diverse set of independent sales offices (ISOs) spread out across the US, Canada and beyond.

United Family Healthcare

To better protect its patient data and applications and to comply with regulations, United Family Healthcare deployed an AI-enabled security operations platform that increased visibility and sped up its time to detect, contain and respond to ransomware attacks through the use of AI.

Resources IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024

Learn how to safeguard your people and data from cyberattacks. Get deeper insight into attackers’ tactics and recommendations to proactively protect your organization.

The Power of AI: Security

Research shows that organizations with fully deployed security AI and automation have experienced an average reduction of USD 3 million in data breach costs.

IBM AI Academy

Learn about the elements of enterprise AI including trust, transparency and governance.

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