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IBM Trusteer solutions 

Authenticate customers, detect fraud and protect against malicious users across all channels

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Deliver seamless customer experiences and build digital identity trust with AI-powered, real-time fraud detection

Real-time fraud detection across digital channels

Seamlessly assess the identity risk of new guest digital identities

Detect account opening risk

Enhance your mobile growth with real-time device risk assessment

Detect compromised and vulnerable devices

Helps financial institutions detect and prevent financial malware infections and phishing attacks

Protect against financial malware and phishing

Optimize security and customer experience

IBM Trusteer® is a family of cloud services and endpoint device software that helps assess risk, detect fraud, establish identity and authenticate users. It is part of the IBM Security® portfolio.


IBM Trusteer solutions help you to detect fraud, authenticate users and establish identity trust across the omnichannel customer journey. Trusteer uses cloud-based intelligence, AI and machine learning to holistically identify new and existing customers while improving the user experience. Hundreds of leading organizations rely on Trusteer to help secure their customers’ digital journeys and support business growth.

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024

In 2023, organizations saw a 71% spike in cyberattacks caused by exploiting identities. Check out the new report to learn how to best safeguard identities.


KuppingerCole Leadership Compass - See why Trusteer was named an overall leader in the latest Leadership Compass: Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms.

IBM Trusteer® Pinpoint Detect

Outsmart account takeover attempts with AI, behavioral biometrics and machine learning.

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IBM Trusteer® Pinpoint Assure

Help power digital transformations by seamlessly assessing the risk of new and guest digital identities.

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IBM Trusteer® Mobile

Enhance your mobile growth with real-time accurate device hygiene and session risk assessment.

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IBM Trusteer Rapport®

Detect and remediate malware and identify phishing attacks.

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Why Trusteer 156%

156% ROI driven by Trusteer, as documented in the Forrester TEI report.¹

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Greater than 90% fraud detection rate.


Less than 0.05% fraud alert rate.

Benefits Continuous digital identity assurance

Transparently identify unauthorized access and activities using advanced AI and machine learning.


Scalable and agile cloud platform

Establish cross-organizational, actionable insights through real-time assessments.

Single online fraud detection solution

Enable cross-channel coverage for mobile and web from account opening to existing user journeys.

Industry use cases

Secure digital banking logins and transactions Use behavioral biometrics to quickly identify and stop fraudulent logins and transactions by digital banking customers, without interfering unnecessarily with the customer experience. Transparently build user profiles and continuously authenticate online identities to differentiate true users and fraudsters.

Establish a trusted digital relationship with customers Reduce user frustration and abandonment with user validation that begins from the moment a customer opens an account. Comprehensive machine learning analytics continuously assess user behavior and sessions for fraud risk.

Case studies How BoursoBank protects its customers from fraud

Faced with increased fraud attempts affecting the banking sector, BoursoBank armed itself with Trusteer to best protect its customers.

How Banco Santander outsmarted bank fraud with real-time cybersecurity

Banco Santander used Trusteer Rapport to help customers keep their details safe.

Resources Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study

Forrester studied the ROI that enterprises may capture by deploying IBM Security Trusteer.

A View Into Web(View) Attacks in Android

IBM Security Trusteer researchers discovered a new trend in financial mobile malware that targets Android and is replacing the classic overlay approach.

Digital Identity Trust

Regardless of your industry, delivering a frictionless customer experience across channels is key to digital growth.

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"The Total Economic Impact™ of IBM Security Trusteer", Forrester Research, March 2020