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Optimize both security and customer experience

IBM Security™ Trusteer® solutions help you to detect fraud, authenticate users and establish identity trust across the omnichannel customer journey. Trusteer uses cloud-based intelligence, AI and machine learning to holistically identify new and existing customers while improving the user experience. More than 500 leading organizations rely on Trusteer to help secure their customers’ digital journey and support business growth.

Trusteer – Seamless, yet more secure customer experience

Trusteer – Seamless, yet more secure customer experience (01:32)


Continuous digital identity assurance

Transparently identify unauthorized access and activities.

Scalable and agile cloud platform

Establish cross-organizational, actionable insights through real-time assessments.

Advanced AI and machine learning

Use intelligence services to assess risk, reduce operational costs, and improve security.

Trusteer products

Remote workforce risks

Why Trusteer

Examine the quantified benefits*


ROI driven by Trusteer, and documented in this Forrester Total Economic Impact report.


rates of access takeover detection achieved with Trusteer. Join the Forrester webinar to learn more.

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Discuss your fraud detection and digital identity trust use case with a Trusteer expert.


* "The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Security Trusteer", Forrester Research, March 2020