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Protecting sensitive data and critical functions

Sutherland Global Services helps its customers deliver great customer experiences. Whether it’s working with one of the world’s most popular content streaming services to build a real-time language-translation pilot, or helping a global logistics company boost profitability through better digital engagement, or taking one of the largest global fintechs through a complete process optimization, including implementing AI to enhance data security, Sutherland achieves these results through a combination of consulting, services, implementation of proprietary and third-party software solutions, and SaaS and PaaS offerings.

The company often handles sensitive customer data and performs critical business functions for its customers, and just as it applies automation and AI to help companies deliver optimal digital experiences, Sutherland wanted to use the same technologies to accelerate its processes for detecting and eliminating cybersecurity threats.

The company’s previous, manual threat detection process relied on a combination of tools, techniques and human expertise to detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents. While the manual threat detection process allowed for a certain level of customization and human intuition, it had limitations in terms of scalability, speed and consistency.

Outsmart threats

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At Sutherland, we apply automation and AI to help companies deliver the best digital experiences to their customers. We wanted to apply the same technologies to cybersecurity. Using the automation and AI in IBM’s QRadar Suite enables faster, more targeted, and more effective responses to threats. Pradnya Manwar Sr. Director, Information and Cyber Security Sutherland Global Services
Using AI to aid stronger, more flexible security

Sutherland added the advanced threat detection and response capabilities of the IBM Security® QRadar® Suite to its existing security processes and toolset.

Sutherland uses QRadar solutions to conduct real-time analysis of log data, network traffic and security events, and apply AI-based anomaly detection, user-behavior analytics (UBA) and predictive analytics to identify zero-day attacks and other sophisticated threats that traditional rule-based approaches might miss. The company’s analysts also use the solution to query and explore data for potential threats and indicators of compromise—making security more proactive.

Sutherland makes particular use of the IBM Security QRadar SIEM component, which has helped the company establish a unified security ecosystem. Analysts use QRadar SIEM to collect and correlate data from various sources across the IT environment into a holistic view of security events. And they integrate it with various threat intelligence feeds, supporting proactive defense.

Sutherland also uses the QRadar Suite to deliver customized security by flexibly tailoring rules, alerts and reports to organizations’ specific security needs and compliance requirements.




Sutherland has created 200+ alert automations

Weeks to hours

Reduced MTTD from days or weeks to just hours

Security that’s faster, more targeted, more cost-efficient

Sutherland has created 200+ automated alerts in QRadar and has achieved several key results:

  • Faster mean time to detect (MTTD) security threats: from days or weeks to just hours

  • Faster mean time to respond (MTTR), thus minimizing potential damage

  • Fewer false positives thanks to minimized alerts noise and accurate identification of true threats

  • Greater threat intelligence, with timely information about emerging threats and vulnerabilities

  • More seamless management of compliance using QRadar’s reporting and monitoring features

  • Cost savings due to reduced reliance on manual monitoring and intervention
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Sutherland (link resides outside of is a digital transformation company that helps businesses deliver exceptionally engineered experiences for customers and employees. Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Sutherland operates in more than 25 countries and employs 65,000+ people.

A connected, modernized security suite

The threat detection and response suite built to help your security teams outsmart threats with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Learn more about the IBM Security QRadar Suite

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