2018 Best Practice Award: IBM receives Frost & Sullivan’s North America Managed ERP Services leadership award.

Why Choose a Managed Application Service?

eCommerce is one of the most important ways to acquire and retain customers, drive sales and cut costs. However, due to technologic advances, eCommerce applications frequently need to be updated. In fact, only one-third of eCommerce businesses believe their platforms are up-to-date, which, makes them both difficult and expensive (Source).

IBM Services for Managed Commerce Solutions provides a complete set of services to build, manage, run and protect complex eCommerce applications, helping to increase the agility and consistency of your eCommerce platform.

  • Trustworthy: IBM has been trusted for nearly 20 years by hundreds of companies to run and manage their critical enterprise eCommerce workloads.
  • Multiple supported enterprise eCommerce applications: including IBM WebSphere Commerce ®, SAP Commerce (C/4HANA), Oracle Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager. 


Access to highly skilled IT resources

Outpace the competition

Get to market quickly and continue to evolve and innovate.  IBM clients exceeded the industry average growth during the 2018 holiday season.

Quality of Service

Improve User satisfaction

Provide users a fast, reliable service regardless how they digitally interact with your business.  IBM's clients regularly achieve greater than 99.9% service availability.

Security Through the Core

Increase User loyalty

By protecting your user's data you can build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Drive agility, outpace the market

Selecting the right IT services provider is crucial to compete and succeed in this digital era.


Retailers consider managed cloud services as essential to their IT strategy.


Integrated Support model

IBM leverages a combination of tools to measure, track and alert on how your application is performing while bringing a client-centric team that knows your business and the technologies that support it.

Security and compliance

IBM embeds security through the core with tools that help secure network, infrastructure and applications supported by processes that achieve a high-quality standard and enable regulatory compliance management such as PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.

CI/CD lifecycle Support

For modern applications workloads, IBM provides container management and code integration tools that feed automated deployment systems.

Ready for some expert advice?

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David Watkins - Global Offering Manager, IBM Services for Managed Commerce

David Watkins

Global Offering Manager, IBM Services for Managed Commerce

Wendy Peirce - Go-to-Market Offering Manager, IBM Services for Managed Commerce

Wendy Peirce

Go-to-Market Offering Manager, IBM Services for Managed Commerce

Andy Adams

Sales Engineering Application Specialist

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