Cloud managed services enhance business resilience and compliance management with industry-leading service-level agreements and security. The solution includes a console which monitors the health and status of IT services across the hybrid cloud environment.

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Food company, BRF, S.A., worked with IBM to simplify its hybrid multicloud management


Integrated approach

Manage applications, infrastructure and DevOps for a consistent approach across a hybrid multicloud environment.

Increased security, compliance and resilience

Get the benefits of managed cloud services--such as visibility into IT environment status and health.

Single IT governance plan

Benefit from informed decision-making and clearer communication between business and IT strategy.

Multicloud management

Optimize cloud spend and usage while expanding use of DevOps processes for traditional IT and cloud natives.

Managed infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Improve infrastructure availability and uptime with automation and self-service capabilities.

Cloud migration services

Get help deciding on the best migration strategy for a secure and repeatable path to the cloud.

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Application development & management services

Add effectiveness to new and old apps, and get them to market faster with expert development and management services.

Cloud security & resiliency

Get improved monitoring and management of security operations, which helps you gain better visibility of your hybrid IT estate.

Multicloud management services

Allows you to use multiple public clouds from vendors, such as IBM, AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba or others, to deliver IT services.


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