Multiple factors influence the decision to procure enterpise storage-as-a-service and third-party cloud management.

Cloud hosting helps reduce operational expense and enable flexibility

Cloud hosting enables you to manage self-provided equipment or have IBM manage IBM-provided equipment on an enterprise-grade, scalable and security-rich hybrid cloud platform. From fully managed applications to customer-managed infrastructure deployed on shared or dedicated infrastructure, you define the options, pricing and service model for each application.

What you get with IBM Cloud Hosting Services

Fast private and hybrid cloud deployment

Deploy application workloads across on-premises and off-premises environments more quickly and easily. Service management integration helps optimize the design and build of solution blueprints

Match specific business needs

Policy-based governance and logical application modeling help ensure that multivendor, multicloud services are delivered at the right size and service level for each task performed.

Effective Monitoring and control

A self-service portal and graphical integrated development environment streamline management, limit the need for IT resources and help you track governance issues, budgets, billing, metering and more

Reduce demand generation/fulfillment time

The services include building and deployment (day-0 and day-1) and delivery and support (day-2) with a catalog of predefined services that can reduce demand generation time by up to 70 percent.

Benefits of IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services

Consume managed IT services across various cloud models

Service consumers can consume managed enterprise IT services available as catalog items through a self-service portal.

Create, publish and reuse solution blueprints

Your IT architect can design, build and publish solution blueprints for application workloads in minutes by selecting patterns from a catalog and deploying them using provisioning parameters without pattern editing.


Use cognitive technologies to monitor and control

IT managers can use a console and a catalog to efficiently manage consumption , quickly approve service requests  and easily charge back the service consumption units to LOB.

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