Unlock the full value of your applications/data on any cloud and integrate AI capabilities

Enterprise applications are core to many customers’ operations. Without modernization, they’re both costly, open to cyber resilience issues and an impediment to digital transformation. The complexity of managing enterprise data across a hybrid IT estate is also quite challenging. SAP and Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) workloads are moving to the cloud at a rapid pace driven by Oracle's licensing policy changes and SAP's transition to S/4 HANA.

IBM offers a full range of services, solutions and technologies to manage, secure and optimize performance for your SAP and Oracle application workloads on Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). IBM also helps to design, build and manage a future-proof, secure to the core and highly automated Data-Fabric on Hybrid cloud environment. This well coordinated data management approach helps customers with their immediate issues and set them on the road to AI.


To stay competitive enterprises are looking for more than just cloud infrastructure

Automation for speed and quality

Migrating your SAP and Oracle applications using automation and AI to decreases migration time and increases accuracy

You pick the cloud, we manage the ERP

Choose from cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud Oracle, IBM Cloud, and OCI

Monitor applications across cloud providers

View application performance and submit tickets regardless of the cloud provider or location

Additional services

Services for cloud migration

Migrate to the cloud with confidence, speed and uninterrupted business functions using the migration strategy that works best for your organization.

Multicloud management

Optimize cloud spend and usage while expanding use of DevOps processes for traditional IT and cloud natives.

Learn more about managed ERP on any cloud

Accelerate cloud adoption

Moving your ERP application into a managed cloud helps improve your agility and accelerates your time to market.

Enterprise applications and cloud managed services: 269 CIOs share their views

This Frost & Sullivan white paper details the findings of their CIO study on the challenges of transforming businesses with cloud and SAP and Oracle applications.

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