A unique approach to endpoint security

IBM Security® ReaQta is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that helps companies protect their endpoints against zero-day threats. It uses intelligent automation, AI and machine learning to detect behavioral anomalies and remediate threats in near real time.
With a user-friendly interface, ReaQta provides security analysts with deep visibility across the entire endpoint ecosystem, including a visual storyline as each attack unfolds. Advanced behavioral analytics and customizable detection strategies address everything from unknown threats to company-specific requirements. ReaQta also includes the Cyber Assistant, which learns from analyst decisions and can autonomously handle alerts, reducing false positives and minimizing analysts’ workloads.

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Undetectable by design

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NanoOS, a unique hypervisor-based approach, works outside the operating system, providing deep visibility into processes and applications running on endpoints.

Continual learning and improvement

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Automated, AI-powered threat detection and threat hunting includes telemetry from indicators that can be customized for proprietary detection and granular search.

Near real-time response

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Guided and autonomous remediation can simplify and speed response, freeing up analysts’ time. The cyber assistant learns from analyst decisions, then retains behaviors to reduce false positives.

Tailor-made threat hunting

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Custom detection strategies — beyond “out of the box” models — help address compliance or company-specific requirements without the need to reboot the endpoint.

Product images

Behavioral tree

Screenshot showing behavioral tree in ReaQta software

Behavioral tree

A behavioral tree provides full alert and attack visibility.

Behavioral tree storyline

Screenshot showing behavioral tree storyline in ReaQta software

Behavioral tree storyline

A user-friendly visual storyline is automatically created as an attack unfolds, including mapping to MITRE ATT&CK, for full visibility.

Cyber Assistant alerts

Screenshot showing Cyber Assistant alerts in ReaQta software

Cyber Assistant alerts

The Cyber Assistant, an AI-powered alert management system, can autonomously handle alerts, reducing analysts’ workloads.

Cyber Assistant recommends

Screenshot showing Cyber Assistant recommendations in ReaQta software

Cyber Assistant recommends

The Cyber Assistant learns from analyst decisions, then retains the intellectual capital and learned behaviors to make recommendations and help reduce false positives.

Custom detection strategies

Incidents detected by DeStra in ReaQta software

Custom detection strategies

Detection Strategy (DeStra) scripting allows users to build custom detection strategies — beyond preconfigured models — to address compliance or company-specific requirements without the need to reboot the endpoint.

Case studies

Critical infrastructure

A water management facility uses ReaQta to track a highly sophisticated supply chain attack.


An international shipping company deploys automated endpoint security on ships with limited satellite connectivity.


A major international airport uses ReaQta to hunt for malware in an air-gapped network.

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