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When it comes to cyber threats, you can’t always predict when one will occur, but you can prepare. Responding to a cyber incident is a business-wide responsibility. Your entire organization should be prepared to react with speed, agility, common purpose and the right security services.

The IBM X-Force Cyber Range solution creates immersive simulations to guide your team through realistic breach scenarios, helping ensure you can respond and recover from enterprise-level cyber security incidents, manage vulnerablities, and build a stronger security culture in your organization.

Since our launch in 2016, over 17,000 business leaders have gone through our immersive training, finding ideas of growth in their response plan within a safe environment, while using industry best practices and real-life data breaches.


How much does a data breach cost?

Get insights from real breaches in the 2023 Cost of a Data Breach report.

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Take a tour of the cyber range experience
The IBM X-Force Cyber Range (formerly known as IBM Security Command Centers) immerse organizations into real-world cyber simulations that help them assess their security posture and maturity for a full-business response. These gamified simulations address technical, leadership and communication skills for security teams, executives and the board, helping organizations to reduce cyber risk. Watch it in action in this short video.
Benefits Incident response readiness could save USD 1.5 million

Organizations with an incident response (IR) team who regularly tested their IR plan experienced an average cost of data breach that was USD 1.5 million lower compared to organizations without an IR team or IR plan testing.

Experience a simulated cyber incident

Give your cross-functional fusion team the chance to feel the intensity and pressure of a real-life data breach through an immersive, gamified experience in a simulated incident.

Sharpen collaboration across your organization

When you participate in an X-Force Cyber Range experience, you have the rare opportunity to collaborate with not only your security team but the executive leaders across multiple lines of business including but not limited to, legal, PR, HR, operations, and finance.  

Capabilities At IBM Cyber Range facilities

IBM Security maintains X-Force Cyber Range facilities in both Cambridge, Massachusetts and Bangalore, India. Each facility provides an immersive, stimulating setting for organizations to experience true-to-life cyber response scenarios, in a full-scale security operations center (SOC) based on a fusion team model.

Customer on-site

Bring the IBM X-Force Cyber Range immersive and gamified experience to your preferred location. Our X-Force Cyber Range team will customize either a half or full-day agenda specifically for you and then immerse your technical and leadership teams in an engaging session to hone your cybersecurity response.



The IBM X-Force Cyber Range virtual experiences provide immersive simulations to strengthen your organization’s cyber response and improve resilience and fix vulnerabilities—anywhere in the world. Collaborate with individuals from across your organization, regardless of location. Our 2-to-4-hour experiences can be customized based on your industry, location and structure.

When a crisis occurs, there is no way to know how everything will come together despite well-intentioned plans. When Finastra was presented with this one of a kind opportunity, we jumped at the chance to exercise our plans and processes. Elona Ruka-Wright SVP and Chief Risk Officer Finastra
Case studies
Finastra tests their incident response plan by simulating a cybersecurity breach  Go behind the scenes of a simulated cybersecurity breach and hear about one financial technology company’s experiences testing their incident response preparedness in the IBM X-Force Cyber Range. Watch the video (2:52)


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Meet our experts Jake Paulson
As Executive Consultant & Global Lead for X-Force Cyber Range & Cyber Crisis Management, Jake has over 19 years experience leading corporate and military security operations, Jake leverages his real-world crisis experience to help clients effectively build, train, and test their resilience against business-disrupting events.
Jennifer Szkatulski
Wielding a hacker mindset along with over 20 years of professional cybersecurity experience as both an attacker and defender, Jennifer provides a balanced connection between tactical operations and strategic imperatives.
Richard Moore
With over 7 years of experience in cybersecurity, Richard is a lead technical advisor and cyber wargame architect. He designs, builds, and facilitates technically focused forensic experiences for IBM clients. Richard has a wide breadth of technical knowledge across industries and security tools.
Marco Simioni, PhD
Marco has over 20 years of experience in software development, penetration testing, vulnerability management, and research. He is an IBM Master Inventor and holds a PhD in Digital Investigations, Marco designs, develops, and delivers cyber crisis exercises.
Claire Nuñez
Claire is the content lead and immersive designer for the X-Force Cyber Range with 7 years of content and design experience. She currently directs creative assets and develops scenarios for the X-Force Cyber Range. Using her privacy and political psychology experience, she also explores security topics on Security Intelligence.
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Experience a breach in a cyber range
After a cyber breach, every second can count. Prepare your team to respond on your organization’s worst day.
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