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X-Force® Red is a global team of hackers hired to break into organizations and uncover risky vulnerabilities that attackers may use for personal gain. The team's offensive security services, which includes penetration testing, vulnerability management and adversary simulation, can help identify, prioritize and remediate security flaws covering your entire digital and physical ecosystem.

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Partner with one vendor

With more than 200 hackers worldwide, X-Force Red can manage your entire offensive security program.

Reduce critical vulnerabilities backlog

X-Force Red helped a large enterprise reduce a backlog of critical vulnerabilities by 60% in four months.

Discover vulnerabilities that tools alone can't find

With hands-on testing, X-Force Red teams can uncover vulnerabilities only human attackers can find.

Offensive security services

Penetration testing

Find and fix exploitable vulnerabilities impacting your most important applications, networks, hardware and people. Includes specialized testing for ATMs, blockchain, IoT, automotive and cloud platforms.

Vulnerability management

Prioritize the highest-risk vulnerabilities for remediation, using the X-Force Red team and automated ranking engine.

Adversary simulation

Uncover and fix gaps in your incident response programs through red teaming, purple teaming, control testing and tuning, and threat intelligence testing exercises.

Meet the hackers

Get to know some of the X-Force Red hackers around the world. With hundreds of years of collective cybersecurity experience, the team speaks at the largest global security conferences, serves as go-to media sources, conducts industry-leading research and participates in high-profile security and hacking organizations.

Global bank digs out of a mountain of vulnerabilities

A huge number of critical cybersecurity issues threatened to overwhelm the bank’s vulnerability management team. X-Force Red hackers dove in and, four months later, the bank saw a 60% reduction in critical and nearly a 45% total reduction in vulnerabilities.

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