How much does a data breach cost?

Get insights from real breaches in the Cost of a Data Breach report


When it comes to cyber threats, you can’t always predict when one will occur, but you can prepare. Responding to a cyber incident is a business-wide responsibility. Your entire organization should be prepared to react with speed, agility and a common purpose. The IBM Security X-Force Cyber Range solution creates immersive simulations to guide your team through realistic breach scenarios, helping ensure you can respond and recover from enterprise-level cyber security incidents and build a stronger security culture in your organization.


Learn from industry best practices

Over 12,000+ organization have gone through our immersive training, learning how to expose gaps in their response plan within a safe environment, while using industry best practices based on historical references and real-life data breaches.

Incident response readiness could save USD 2 million

Organizations with an incident response (IR) team who regularly tested their IR plan experienced an average cost of a data breach that was USD 2 million lower, compared to organizations without an IR team or IR plan testing.

Experience a simulated cyber incident

Give your cross-functional fusion team the chance to feel the intensity and pressure of a real-life data breach through an immersive, gamified experience in a simulated incident.

Sharpen collaboration across your organization

When you utilize X-Force Cyber Range, you collaborate with not only your security team but also legal, PR, HR and senior leadership teams, while engaging with multiple tools to investigate cyber issues.

Options for the IBM Security X-Force Cyber Range experience

IBM Facilities

Displays at the IBM security command center

IBM Facilities

IBM Security maintains X-Force Cyber Range facilities in both Cambridge, Massachusetts and Bangalore, India. Each facility provides an immersive, stimulating setting for organizations to experience true-to-life cyber response scenarios, in a full-scale security operations center (SOC) based on a fusion team model.

Customer On-Site

Two people in discussion in IBM security command center

Customer On-Site

Bring the IBM Security X-Force Cyber Range immersive and gamified experience to your preferred location. Our X-Force Cyber Range team will customize either a half or full-day agenda specifically for you and then immerse your technical and leadership teams in an engaging session to hone your cybersecurity response.


Videoconference with IBM security command center participants


The IBM Security X-Force Cyber Range virtual experiences provide immersive simulations to strengthen your organization’s cyber response and improve resilience — anywhere in the world. Collaborate with individuals from across your organization, regardless of location. Our 2-to-4-hour experiences can be customized based on your organization’s industry, location and structure.

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