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Their sense of duty, the challenges of today’s threats, and how businesses can better support them


Proactive threat hunting, continuous monitoring and a deep investigation of threats are just a few of the priorities facing an already busy IT department. Having a trusted incident response team on standby can reduce your response time, minimize the impact of a cyberattack, and help you recover faster.

If you are experiencing a cybersecurity incident, contact the X-Force® team to help.


Develop your incident response plan

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With deep forensics analysis, your containment and remediation plans can be quickly implemented when notification of a validated critical incident or security breach occurs.

Test your cyberattack readiness

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Minimize disruptions to your operations with tested response plans that provide long-term, preemptive solutions to help strengthen your security posture.

Combine effective incident response with threat intelligence

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Threat intelligence sources combined with strong incident response provide the edge you need to stay ahead of attacks and better understand the risks.

Incident response retainer offerings

Incident response retainer proactive services

Prepare your teams

Be ready to prevent or quickly respond to future attacks with X-Force Incident Response Retainer proactive services.

IR plan review or creation

A high-level assessment or development of your existing incident response plan.

IR playbook customization

Analyze existing or create a new playbook to address high-priority incidents.

Threat intelligence assessment

Review threat intelligence and determine needs based on industry best practices.

Active threat assessment

Use intelligence from IBM and indicator of compromise (IOC) or indicator of attack (IOA) detection methods.

Ransomware readiness assessment

Review your readiness to respond to and recover from attacks.

Tabletop and cyber range exercises

Organizations can test their incident response plan against multiple scenarios.

Cyber crisis management

A complete framework to help business functions act in unison during a crisis.

IR for Operational Technology (OT)

Developed and designed to strengthen your OT incident response program.

Dark web analysis

Search, analyze and provide findings on areas of interest from the dark web.

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Related incident response services

Incident response and threat intelligence

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Incident response and threat intelligence services

Proactively manage and respond to security threats with the expertise, skills and people of X-Force.

Offensive security

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Offensive security for red teams

Hackers and penetration testing help to identify, prioritize, and expedite the remediation of exploitable vulnerabilities exposing your most important assets to attackers.

Threat intelligence

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Threat intelligence services

Simplify intelligence management with an automated cyber threat intelligence platform designed by security experts.

Threat management

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Threat management services

Fight cybercrime with an integrated approach and expertise powered by AI and orchestration.


Security team sitting in command center behind consoles facing large dashboard

Security command centers

Red, blue and purple teaming exercises using hands-on simulations and realistic breach scenarios help you build mature responses.

Mobile incident training

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Mobile incident training

Train your cyber first responder team to handle a cybersecurity incident with confidence and speed in this fully operational cyber range, housed in a unique tractor trailer.