Discover the top 10 criteria for selecting a managed services provider and take a strategic approach to making services sourcing decisions.

Enterprises want to reap the benefits of hybrid environments, but may not be prepared for the increased IT complexity

Hybrid environments offer agility, security, speed and flexibility, but they also bring increased IT complexity that can be difficult to manage. Cloud managed services from IBM can help you increase your business agility with consumption-based cloud services. Get the scalability you need to avoid downtime and performance problems, run in a security-rich environment, and minimize infrastructure cost and complexity.

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Adapt to changing business needs with agility, speed and visibility

IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure (IMI) services deliver key capabilities to design, build and manage your hybrid infrastructure, with a self-service catalogue of options and service levels.




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Services offered

Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services

Enable consumption of services dynamically across multiple platforms through a self-service catalog and a choice of service levels.

Cloud Automation Services

Integrated automation can provide speed, quality and consistency of service delivery.

Cloud Brokerage Services Cost and Asset Management

Gain real-time visibility and insights to optimize cloud investments and establish and enforce governance control points.

Cloud Brokerage Managed Services

Reduce risk and costs while supporting innovation through an IT supply chain approach that helps you deliver multi-vendor IT solutions aligned to business needs.

Cloud Brokerage Managed Services Store

Search and order IT services from multiple cloud-based and traditional IT providers, mix and match solutions, be more responsive to users and enforce corporate policy and governance.

Cloud Deployment Services

Increase flexibility by using automation to provision and orchestrate hybrid cloud infrastructure ready for application.

IBM Services for Managed Oracle Solutions

Move your Oracle applications to a managed cloud environment so you can reduce complexities and costs, ensure you stay on track and support faster innovation.

IBM Services for Managed SAP Applications

Moving your SAP applications to a managed cloud can deliver the flexibility and scalability by reducing costs, increasing agility and freeing up your staff resources.

Our technology services are powered by IBM Services Platform with Watson™

Run your infrastructure with an IT platform that has the ability to make autonomous decisions and uses data to manage the operations that keep your environment healthy, always-on and continually optimized.

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General Manager, IBM Brokerage Services

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Systems Services Consultant, IBM Infrastructure Services

Mehboob Rukadikar

Global Offering Manager, IBM Cloud Automation Services

Ravi Poddar

Director, IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud Services

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Top 10 criteria for selecting a managed services provider

Review the most important qualifications to consider when choosing a managed services provider, and take a strategic approach to making decisions.

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Cloud Brokerage Workload Planning

Make fast, more informed workload placement decisions. Workload planning services from IBM can help you assess apps for the cloud and find the best-fit provider.

Cloud Management and Operations Consulting

Experienced IBM consultants can provide you with an assessment, roadmap, architecture design and implementation plan, plus integration assistance to successfully transition to a hybrid cloud environment.

IBM Edge Delivery Services

Improve customer experience of business web applications on all devices, and protect against web attacks with specialized cloud service.