What is IBM Cloud Databases for etcd?

IBM Cloud® Databases for etcd defines the “distributed” in distributed server configuration management.

etcd uses the RAFT consensus algorithm to help ensure data consistency in your cluster. It enforces the order in which operations take place in the data. Every node in the cluster arrives at the same result in the same way.


IBM Cloud Databases for etcd features

Fully managed

Focus on building apps, not dealing with mundane tasks. It’s integrated with IBM® Identity and Access Management and IBM Cloud Activity Tracker.

Advanced security

Encrypt data at rest and in motion. Use your own encryption key for data at rest. Deployments support private networking and more.

Elastic scaling

Scale disk and RAM independently to best fit your application requirements. Start small and grow with elasticity just an API call away.

Open source

Leverage compatibility with etcd APIs, data formats and clients. Apps using etcd can use IBM Cloud Databases for etcd as a drop-in replacement.

Highly available

Use the standard configuration, which includes three data members configured for high availability to provide a 99.99% SLA.

Automation aware

Go from whiteboard to production with a management console, CLI and REST API. Cloud-native admin options with an IBM Cloud CLI plug-in are available.