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To compete, you need to deliver a differentiated experience at precisely the right time. That means connecting and using all relevant data, no matter where it lives. It’s time to change how you look at integration. You must bring together not just technology, but people and ideas, while still getting the most from your current environment. A comprehensive cloud integration solution from IBM equips you with the latest integration models — API, application, message-based, and data — so that you can connect to the technologies that are driving the digital revolution. And IBM integration solutions address the challenges around security, governance, performance and scale.

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more likely to use hybrid cloud for cognitive capabilities*

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Learn more about the hottest trends in integration

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Inspire innovative new business models with an API-centric approach.

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Connect enterprise systems to the Salesforce cloud with IBM.

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Integrate and sync system data into your SaaS apps with a no-code approach.

Featured cloud integration products

IBM API Connect
Discover, create, publish and secure APIs in a hybrid cloud environment.

IBM App Connect
Connect your applications, integrate data and automate your workflows.

IBM Application Integration Suite
Connect cloud and on-premises applications, build microservices and expose and manage APIs.

IBM DataPower Gateway
Gain security, control, integration and optimized access to a range of workloads.

IBM Integration Bus
Access an enterprise service bus to enable systems and applications to communicate.

Use message queues to integrate diverse applications and business data across multiple platforms.

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*IBM Center for Applied Insights, Growing up hybrid: Accelerating digital transformation, February 2016.