How it’s used

Monitoring and management

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Monitoring and management

DataPower Gateway offers content introspection at wire speeds, service request and response monitoring to support a centralized management and control platform.

XML threat protection and security

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XML threat protection and security

DataPower appliances deliver a robust XML firewall for the enterprise, using sophisticated checks.

Application-aware routing and data aggregation

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Application-aware routing and data aggregation

The DataPower appliance enables the classification of data requests based on service and application-level information.



A single multichannel gateway platform

Integrate, control and optimize delivery of workloads across multiple channels, including mobile, API, web, SOA, B2B and cloud.

Converged policy enforcement and advanced security

Use a single entry point apply consistent security policies across business channels, reducing costs and improving security.

Configuration-driven policy creation

Take advantage of a flexible user experience to reduce time to market, improve productivity and scale expertise.

Purpose-built, DMZ-ready and extensible platform

Enable business agility, physical security, drop-in deployment and simplified management, to reduce total cost of ownership.

DataPower operations dashboard

Accelerate problem determination and resolution with centralized troubleshooting and real-time operational visibility.

Product versions

IBM DataPower Gateway – Physical

Take advantage of this all-in-one DMZ-ready version with physical security for increased capacity and serviceability.

IBM DataPower Gateway – Virtual

Get the needed flexibility and elasticity for hypervisor and cloud deployments in a virtual appliance.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration

Extend your DataPower Gateway investment and scale with confidence.


Employ built-in AI, closed-loop feedback and multistyle integration.


Get API management, app integration, end-to-end security, and more.


Take advantage of a modular and easy-to-consume pricing approach.

Get started in minutes

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