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An industry leading, high security application gateway for modern, traditional and hybrid cloud workloads.
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What is IBM DataPower Gateway?

With web application attacks making up 39% of all breaches in 2021¹, IBM® DataPower® Gateway helps businesses meet their security and integration needs. Enterprise-grade security, control and comprehensive transport and data protocol support include IBM MQ, Apache Kafka and traditional business critical data formats.

Businesses across the world depend on IBM DataPower Gateway 400+

financial institutions worldwide use IBM DataPower.


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countries with DataPower deployments.

Benefits Mitigate vulnerabilities

Enterprise-grade security with the highest level of assurance certification to protect your critical business applications.

Accelerate transformation

High-speed message transformation and transport protocol bridging helps deploy news services rapidly.

Reduce cost and complexity

A single, drop-in gateway helps simplify the topology and operations, resulting in cost savings and reduced risk.

Simplify troubleshooting

Speed problem determination with near-real time visibility of transactions through centralized operations.

Features Runtime application security

Enforce security across messaging protocols with a DMZ-ready gateway.

Transform messages and protocols

Enables message and protocol mediation by bridging modern and traditional application standards.

Application and service protection

Ensure consistent application performance and service protection with traffic control and routing.

Access management and control

Authentication and authorization decision point for all standards, including OAuth and LDAP.

Extensive Debug Tool

Allows customers to inspect DataPower transactions in full detail including payload and all metadata information.

Intuitive user experience

A flexible, configuration-driven experience that reduces the skills barrier and speeds time to value.

Use Cases

Secure messages Comply with the latest industry security standards for the highest level of protection against attacks.
Control traffic Through simple configuration options, IBM DataPower provides message level throttling to back-end applications, ensuring no system is overrun by inbound messages, preventing unplanned outages.
Integrate workloads Comprehensive transport and data protocol support including IBM MQ and Apache Kafka as well as traditional, business critical data formats.

Optimize applications With application caching, data can be stored in the gateway, reducing the amount of message traffic flowing to applications, improving response times while reducing overall network bandwidth.

Product versions

IBM DataPower Gateway versions


Hardware offering for the DMZ with specialized security and message optimization.


Physical appliance capabilities as containers or virtual machines across any deployment.

Version features


  • Intrusion detection: hardware protection against malicious altering of physical system
  • Secured boot process: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip decrypts firmware at startup
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM): provides tamper-proof storage of private key material
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance through the use of HSM
  • Purpose-built system providing hardware-accelerated operations
  • Lower latency and higher throughput than virtual appliances


  • Deployed on commodity x86 hardware servers and supported cloud environments
  • High elasticity—easily moved between servers with flexibility to increase capacity
  • Flexible licensing and entitlement options
  • Increased workload isolation
  • Run multiple instances concurrently on a single physical server
  • Provides lower-cost environment for application development and test validation
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