IBM was named #1 in four out of the six use cases in the 2023 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Integration Platform as a Service, Worldwide


A Powerful iPaaS, designed for business technologists and integration specialists

IBM App Connect® is an industry-leading SaaS integration solution that connects any of your applications and data no matter where they reside. With hundreds of prebuilt connectors and customizable templates, organizations can rapidly connect SaaS applications and build integration flows. IBM App Connect can be deployed on-premises and on any cloud or aaS as a highly scalable, fully managed Integration Platform-as-a- Service (iPaaS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

IBM App Connect makes SaaS integration easy with a simple, no-code interface and incorporates AI-based features, empowering business users to easily map and transform data in a few clicks. The versatile development environment allows integration specialists to build and deploy integration flows using multiple integration technologies such as API-led, event-driven, messaging and more. Powerful, built-in management and dashboard tools allow users to easily govern their integrations to ensure the security and integrity of their data, applications and services.


Two experiences, one platform

No-code experience for business users

Screenshot showing no-code, guided tooling for business users

A no-code, AI-guided experience

  • Use 100s of prebuilt, AI-powered connectors and templates to accelerate SaaS integration and automation across your business
  • Drag and drop prebuilt components to create integrations in minutes and make SaaS integration easy
  • Easily design workflows with prebuilt connectors, pre-discovered events and application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Leverage AI-powered mapping assistance and data transformation capabilities when designing integration flows

Customizable code platform for integration experts

Screenshot showing IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit

An advanced, fully customizable code platform

  • Harness a lightweight, fast-performing engine that easily scales to support your growing needs
  • Enable support for multiple types of data integration, including event, application programming interfaces (APIs), services, sync/async, transactional batch processing and more
  • Auto-generate sample and mock data for a wide range of scenarios
  • Map data fields and transform data formats exchanged between applications, such as XML, JSON, CSV, EDIFACT, SWIFT and other industry protocols, with AI-powered tooling


IBM App Connect demo

IBM App Connect Enterprise SaaS—a fully managed, reliable and secure integration platform on AWS


Accelerate integrations with prebuilt connectors

Pictogram representing accelerated integrations

Leverage AI-powered transformation capabilities and 100s of prebuilt, metadata-aware connectors and templates to accelerate time to value. Easily build automated CI/CD pipelines with dashboard views across cloud and on-premises environments.

Simplify integrations with AI-powered mapping

Pictogram representing AI-powered mapping

Transform complex data expressions with intelligent mapping recommendations between sources and destination apps.

Easily manage and monitor your environments and ecosystem

Pictogram representing adaptable UI

With hybrid management capabilities, admins can easily manage integrations across cloud and on-premises environments, saving significant operational and administration overhead. Powerful management and dashboard tools provide visibility into the performance and health of integration flows.

Enable collaboration among business and technical users

Pictogram representing environment monitoring

Democratize integration with powerful no-code capabilities and an intuitive UI for business technologists and citizen integrators. Enable seamless, real-time collaboration with technical users to share and reuse prebuilt integration artifacts.

Flexible deployment options where your data lives

Pictogram representing flexibility

Deploy IBM App Connect wherever your data lives with flexible options that include on-premises, in the cloud, and any hybrid cloud environment or aaS as a highly scalable, fully managed iPaaS on AWS.

Prebuilt connectors

Pricing options

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