Connect your apps and deliver faster

Application integration unlocks the value of your systems and your data by connecting business applications, integrating data, building APIs and acting on events.

For more than 20 years, leaders of global enterprises across all industries and verticals have trusted IBM® App Connect to integrate and automate.


SaaS application and cloud adoption

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Use a microservices-based solution to run integration close to where your data lives with total deployment flexibility and lightweight, scalable runtimes. Enable effortless, rapid cloud integration with smart connectors.

Omnichannel, 360-degree view of customers

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Create engaging customer experiences when you blend APIs and events by making the most of enterprise messaging and Kafka. Unlock customer data to drive insight-driven app innovation.

Automation and back-office integration

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Leverage intelligent workflows and AI-powered tooling to build innovative solutions, faster. Apply decentralized ownership to scale on demand and build robust accounting, inventory, and resource-planning processes.

IBM® App Connect Enterprise 12.0

Integrate your apps with automation and cloud-native technologies

The product in use

Connect apps

screenshot of app connect middleware connectivity

Extensive connectivity

  • Smart, performant, secure connectivity
  • Hundreds of most-used apps and data stores
  • All managed and supported by IBM



Transform data

the app connect dashboard show smart lead processing

Powerful, AI-driven tooling

  • Transform any data format
  • Fastest data transformer
  • Simple and scalable to meet most demanding needs

Test efficiently

screenshot of app connect test results

Improved test productivity

  • Be agile with test-driven development
  • Built-in testing framework for finer coverage
  • Record data in real-time and simulate backends

Control deployments

screenshot of app connect deployment showing execute success metric

Full deployment control

  • Dashboard view across cloud and on-prem
  • Deploy as microservices or as an ESB
  • Easily build automated CI/CD pipelines

Smart connectors

Case studies

CVS Health

CVS Health can now build integration capabilities at about one-third of the cost.


Time to develop new features decreased by two-thirds, speeding up Tabadul’s time to market.

IBM integration solutions

IBM App Connect and IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration

Get IBM App Connect as part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration to extend your investment and scale with confidence.


IBM Cloud Pak for Integration includes built-in AI and continuous feedback.


Get API management, application integration, end-to-end security and more.


Varied styles of integration with flexible deployment options using a modular pricing approach.