IBM Event Automation
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Put events to work and respond in real-time

With thousands of events occurring across an organization, the amount of data being produced is also growing exponentially. Imagine if your business could tap into these ongoing streams of information, connect the dots between disparate events and detect new trends, customer issues or competitive threats as they happen.

IBM Event Automation, a fully composable solution, enables businesses to help meet and accelerate their event-driven efforts, wherever they are on their journey. The event distribution, event discovery and event processing capabilities help lay the foundation of an event-driven architecture for unlocking the value of events.

  • Business and IT teams can define business scenarios in an intuitive, easy-to-use authoring canvas in order to act in real-time.
  • IT can provide self-service access to events to facilitate sharing and reuse, while maintaining control and governance.
  • Enterprise architects can build out a complete composable enterprise-wide Kafka-based architecture.
Benefits Increase responsiveness

Benefit from a real-time understanding of the customer experience and proactively respond to opportunities, issues or potential threats as an event-driven business.

Improve resiliency

Gain continuous access to event data to learn, understand and build better overall resiliency. Quickly identify and address changes in demand, costs or disruptions in real-time.

Event processing Define business scenarios in an intuitive, easy-to-use authoring canvas. Detect whenever they arise and start acting in real-time when it matters the most.

Event discovery Build a self-service catalog of event sources for users to securely browse and utilize. Promote the sharing and reuse of event sources while maintaining control and governance.

Event distribution Collect raw streams of real-time business events with enterprise-grade Apache Kafka. Manage Kafka deployments, balance workloads, browse messages, and monitor key metrics in a simple user experience.
Use cases Real-time visibility

Reduce inefficiencies, delays and errors with real-time visibility. From inventory management to logistics planning, automatically trigger optimal quantity of stock shipments or optimized travel routes.

Cost-efficient processing

Operate your business with greater efficiency by processing events in the moment and replicating only what is necessary.

Predictive detection

Proactively identify and address issues, such as quality, maintenance or suspicious activity by defining scenarios and automating notifications.


Learn how the AsyncAPI specification can describe and document Kafka topics.

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