IDC stacks up top object storage vendors

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If you’ve been thinking about object storage for just backup and archive, you’ve missed a turn. In a digital transformation journey, like many that I’ve seen in enterprises, managing unstructured content is key.

The latest “MarketScape: Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2016 Vendor Assessment” from IDC reminds us that:

Digital assets are the new IP and many businesses are actively trying to create new sources of revenue streams through it. For example, media streaming, the Internet of Things (IoT), and web 2.0, are some of the ways businesses are generating revenue in today’s digitized world. IT buyers are looking for newer storage technologies that are built not just for unprecedented scale while reducing complexities and costs but also to support traditional (current-generation) and next-generation workloads.

IDC cloud leaders

Businesses need to not just be able to store and access data, but also to do something with that data to create value. The type and volume of stored data is rapidly changing, and businesses must look at storage approaches that support today’s storage needs and offer the flexibility needed for future requirements.

In its assessment, IDC placed IBM and IBM Cloud Object Storage (featuring technology from the acquisition of Cleversafe in 2015) in the “leader” category.

As a vendor, I personally cannot be happier or prouder.

Object storage solutions provide the scale and resiliency necessary to efficiently support a set of unstructured content (audio, video, images, scans, documents and so forth)  that are ever-growing in size and volume. Yet not all object storage solutions are the same. One key consideration is the platform that the vendor employs and the flexibility a vendor offers when it comes to deployment options.

Business processes are increasingly hybrid. There will be processes and applications that must run inside your data center, managed by your staff and on your servers. Others can run in the public cloud and even be optimized for pure public cloud deployment, while still other elements might be a mix of the two.

If you look at the vendors in the leader category, IBM Cloud Object Storage is the solution that provides proven, deployment dexterity: on premises, on the public cloud and in any mix of the two. The public cloud we run on is designed from the ground up, with the enterprise in mind. With over 50 IBM Cloud data centers around the world, support for open and industry standards, and the innovation that IBM Watson and IBM Bluemix enable, IBM Cloud Object Storage stands out from the pack. That’s not to say that the other leaders aren’t worth considering, and IDC midc-growth-predictionakes it clear.

With data slated to hit 44 zettabytes by 2020, and 80 percent of that unstructured, according to IDC’s object storage forecast for 2016 to 2020, getting ahead of this dynamic is imperative. Doing it with a leader in object storage just makes business sense.

Try it for yourself. Provision your free tier of object storage on IBM Bluemix, learn more about the overall IBM Cloud Object Storage family and read the full IDC report on IBM.

Read the press release.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Object Storage.

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