Application performance management software and solutions

Bridge full-stack observability with automated application resource management to address performance issues before they impact customer experience

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Monitor your full stack with application performance management solutions

Application performance management (APM) solutions from IBM monitor your full application stack while providing real-time insights into your application environments. IBM Instana® Observability and IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management work together to automate discovery, mapping and configuration with zero human configuration. These solutions also help deliver AI-powered troubleshooting to predict incidents; automate remediation; and drive specific, automatable actions.

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Detect application and business risks affecting customer experience.

Actionable insight

Correlate application SLOs (664 KB) to underlying infrastructure resourcing.


Automate application discovery and dynamic resourcing to continuously ensure app performance.

APM solutions

IBM Instana Observability Enhance your application performance monitoring to provide the context you need to resolve incidents faster. See the Gartner magic quadrant Learn more about IBM Instana Observability
IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management Ensure application performance with smarter resource management. Read the Forrester TEI study Learn more about IBM Turbonomic


Accelerate CI/CD

Ensure developer efficiency and continuous deployment.

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Cut through incident noise

Glean real-time understanding of component impact.

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Debug tools in development and production

Provide all teams observability and APM with monitoring software.


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AI-powered insights

Employ apps that are dynamically resourced for performance and absorbing peak demands.

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Increase IT productivity

Automatically manage resources based on real-time demand.

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Reduce business risk

Avoid the cost of downtime and prevent performance degradation by driving continuous application health.

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