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Why implement zero trust solutions?

Your business gives multiple users access to your company's resources. And despite the different goals and needs of these employees, partners, clients and customers, they all require some level of access to corporate information. The number of connections and resources you need to manage make user verification complex. 

Moving to a hybrid, multicloud infrastructure means your resources are also likely scattered throughout multiple IT environments, with multiple endpoints including IoT devices, with varying levels of visibility and control. It’s difficult to know if the right user has the right access to the right data. You need context to help you make the right decisions.

Equally concerning is the prevalence of malicious activity, such as malware, ransomware and phishing, that puts your network, digital assets and business at risk. According to the IBM Cost of Data Breach Report, costs surged 15% over the last 3 years.

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An IBM zero trust security strategy can help organizations increase their cyber resiliency and manage the risks of a disconnected business environment, while still allowing users access to the appropriate resources. It’s a model and plan that uses context to securely connect the right users to sensitive data at the right time under the right conditions, while also protecting your organization from cyberthreats. The approach helps create zero trust policies, which allows highly protected remote work, hybrid work and also provides a high security posture for the standard, on-premises, behind the firewall work model.

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024

In 2023, 70% of cyberattacks targeted critical infrastructure industries. Check out the new report for deeper insight into attackers' tactics.

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Put zero trust principles into action Fuel business without limits with context-based security. Protect your investments

Save time, money and maximize your current investments by using the tools you have and adding only what you need.

Connect tools easily

Use and connect tools of choice to make your zero trust strategy a reality with ease. You can allow IT teams to have remote access and troubleshooting.

Get help quickly

With experts within reach, you can put zero trust into granular action faster. 

Use ready-to-go integrations

Integrate your security tools, functionalities and systems with an extensive partner ecosystem of providers that can help you complete your overall zero trust strategy.

What a zero trust security strategy does Enable your business to move faster and more securely by applying a zero trust security strategy to selected, outcome-focused initiatives. Reduce ransomware attacks

Organizations are turning to a zero trust strategy to modernize security and help prevent ransomware attacks. Zero trust continuously verifies a user’s identity and helps reduce data exposure if there is a breach.

Protect your organization from ransomware with zero trust
Protect the hybrid cloud

To protect your growth, organizational transformation and all the advantages of hybrid cloud, you need a modernized, reimagined focus on enterprise security with an emphasis on zero trust network access (ZTNA).

Move confidently to hybrid multicloud with zero trust security
Secure the hybrid, remote workforce

Your security model should allow work from any place on any device on any apps with access to tools and data in any ecosystem. It should provide real-time context across all domains, a perfect job for zero trust.

Enable your anywhere workforce with everywhere network security
Solutions for your zero trust strategies IBM brings a set of cloud-based technologies, services and strategic partnerships to deliver a complete zero trust architecture, without ever sacrificing user experience. Threat detection and response solutions

Gain insights into threats and risks and respond faster with automation with IBM Security® QRadar®, IBM Cloud Pak® for Security and other threat detection and response solutions.

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Identity and privileged access management

Centralize workforce and consumer identity and access management (IAM) with IBM Security Verify and reduce the risk of cyberattack with privileged access management (PAM) solutions and access control.

Explore IBM Security Verify Explore PAM solutions
Endpoint and data protection

Manage and secure your mobile workforce with AI-driven unified endpoint management (UEM) SaaS solution like IBM Security MaaS360® and protect sensitive data across multiple environments, including for remote users.

Explore MaaS360 Explore data security solutions
Security services

With the industry's broadest portfolio of consulting and global managed security services, IBM Security Services can help you quantify and prioritize your risks, by deploying the right security controls.

Explore IBM cybersecurity services Explore a tailored, secure access service edge (SASE) solution
See how IBM has implemented zero trust strategies
Commercial International Bank S.A.E. It's complicated work to keep employees, customers and customer investments protected. So if you're in charge of security at a bank, it helps if you love a challenge. Read the CIB case study

Zero trust at IBM "Zero trust isn't something you can buy or implement. It's a philosophy and a strategy. And to be frank, at IBM, we wouldn't even characterize zero trust as a security strategy. It's an IT strategy done securely." Read more on this IBM CISO's perspective

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What is zero trust?

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The Cost of a Data Breach 2023 Report explores financial impacts and security measures that can help your organization avoid a data breach, or in the event of a breach, mitigate costs.

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Next steps

Whether with a security expert to guide you or through exploring for yourself, you can find the right solution for your zero trust security needs here. Our security teams are standing by to help you take the next step in the zero trust journey.

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