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Proactive protection for privileged accounts

You trust your privileged users with elevated access to critical systems, data and functions. But their advanced entitlements need to be vetted, monitored and analyzed to protect your resources from cybersecurity threats and credential abuse. Research has found as much as 40% of insider cyberattacks involved privileged users.¹

IBM Security™ Verify Privilege products, powered by Delinea, enable zero trust strategies to help minimize risk to the enterprise.

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Check out the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024 for deeper insight into attackers’ tactics and recommendations to safeguard identities

Benefits Manage privileged accounts
Discover unknown accounts. Reset passwords automatically. Monitor anomalous activity. Manage, protect and audit privileged accounts across their lifecycles.
Enforce endpoint security
Identify devices, servers and other endpoints with administrative privileges to enforce least-privilege security, control application rights and reduce impact on support teams.
Protect DevOps secrets
Centralize secrets management, enforce access and generate automated logging trails with high-velocity, platform-agnostic vaulting.
Which Verify Privilege use case fits your organization?
Password vaulting Formerly IBM Security™ Secret Server, IBM Security™ Verify Privilege Vault offers powerful password vaulting, auditing and privileged access control. Identify and secure all service, application, administrator, and root accounts enterprise-wide. Extend to Privilege Vault Analytics and Privilege Vault Remote for more comprehensive protection. Start your free trial
Endpoint control With IBM Security™ Verify Privilege Manager, enterprises and fast-growing organizations can block malware-based risks with endpoint least privilege and application control. Mitigate modern security threats from exploiting applications by removing local administrative rights from servers and devices.
Manage policies Globally govern privileged access on-prem using Active Directory with IBM Security™ Verify Privilege Server Suite. Centrally manage policies using authentication, privilege elevation and audit and monitoring. Read the data sheet
Manage DevOps secrets High-velocity, cloud-based IBM Security™ Verify Privilege DevOps Vault centralizes secrets management, enforces access and provides automated logging trails. Read the data sheet
Manage service accounts Control the creation, management and decommissioning of service accounts running on the network with Verify Privilege Account Lifecycle Manager. Reduce sprawl with role-based permissions. Read the data sheet
Understanding PAM by roles

Not all privileged users are the same. Curious to know how PAM impacts the various roles on your team?

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