Ransomware protection solutions
Is your enterprise safe from dangerous and expensive ransomware attacks?
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Build your ransomware recovery and resilience

A ransomware infection can be costly and disruptive because your only solution to return to normal business operations is to pay the cybercriminals’ ransom. How can you stop ransomware from interrupting business continuity and recover quickly when attacks occur?

With a zero trust approach, detect and respond to ransomware by proactively managing your cybersecurity risks, identifying vulnerabilities, and minimizing the impact of attacks.

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Why use IBM to protect your data from dangerous types of ransomware?  To prevent and combat modern ransomware threats, IBM uses insight from 800 TB of threat activity data, information on more than 17 million spam and phishing attacks and reputation data on nearly 1 million malicious IP addresses from a network of 270 million endpoints. AI for proactive threat detection 

Embed AI, analytics and deep learning for proactive protection, machine learning for more accurate detection, and automation and analysis for faster response.

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Quicker recovery

Gain an additional line of defense with immutable backups and isolated copies that are automatically created to help your company recover faster following an attack.

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Open security ecosystem

Access the X-Force Exchange, a cloud-based threat intelligence platform where 750,000 active users collaborate with peers to develop response plans and enhance data protection solutions. 

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Protect your data from dangerous ransomware threats For ransomware protection, follow these three vital steps: detect, respond and recover. IBM Security™ products and experts can help you examine deep data security analytics, integrate security tools to gain insights into threats and prepare your teams with a response playbook. Threat detection and response 

Speed incident analysis and remediation with intelligent security analytics that deliver real-time actionable insight into the most critical threats. 

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Backup and recovery

Avoid data corruption due to malware or ransomware attacks with flash storage solutions that help prevent data loss, promote operational continuity, and lower infrastructure costs.

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Endpoint security

The rise in remote work trends and interconnectivity of endpoints comes with its own set of cybersecurity challenges. To combat these, there is a need for a modern, AI-driven endpoint response and detection tool that can proactively block and isolate malware and ransomware threats and propel endpoint security into a zero-trust world.

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Ransomware protection services Transform your business and manage risk with a global industry leader in cybersecurity consulting, cloud and managed security services.  Risk management services

Integrate security risk management within your overall business strategy and help executives make better decisions by quantifying security risk in financial terms. 

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Zero trust adoption

A zero trust approach aims to wrap security around every user, every device, every connection — every time. Accelerate your organization’s zero trust journey by defining an integrated, multidisciplinary zero trust strategy. 

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Case study

How threat intelligence enhances defense for the city of LA Learn how the city of LA, the LA Cyber Lab and IBM joined forces to respond to citizens' expectations and bring threat intelligence to vulnerable local businesses. Read how safer citizens make stronger communities

Find the right solution for your business
Whether with a security expert to guide you or through exploring for yourself, you can find the right security solution for your ransomware protection needs here. 
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