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Is your enterprise safe from dangerous and expensive ransomware attacks?
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Build your ransomware recovery and resilience

A ransomware infection can be costly and disruptive, especially if the only way to return to normal business operations is to pay the cybercriminals’ ransom, underscoring a vulnerability to hacker tactics. How can you stop ransomware threats from interrupting business continuity and recover quickly when ransomware attacks occur?

With a zero trust approach, you can detect and respond to ransomware through effective endpoint threat detection, by proactively managing your cybersecurity risks in near real-time, identifying zero-day vulnerabilities, and minimizing the impact of ransomware attacks with anti-ransomware protection software.

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024

In 2023, 70% of cyberattacks targeted critical infrastructure industries. Check out the new report for deeper insight into attackers' tactics.

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Reduce the risk of business disruption and ransomware with zero trust
Why use IBM to protect your data from dangerous types of ransomware?  To prevent and combat modern ransomware attacks and malware threats, IBM uses insight from 800 TB of threat activity data, information on more than 17 million spam and phishing attacks, and reputation data on nearly 1 million malicious IP addresses from a network of 270 million endpoints. AI for proactive ransomware detection 

Embed AI, analytics and deep learning for proactive near real-time ransomware protection, machine learning for more accurate threat detection, and automation and analysis for faster anti-ransomware protection.

Quicker recovery

Automatically create immutable backups and isolated copies of critical data to help your company minimize downtime and speed recovery after a cybersecurity attack.

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Open security ecosystem

Access the X-Force® Exchange, a cloud-based threat intelligence platform against cyberattacks where 750,000 active users collaborate with peers to develop response plans, address vulnerabilities through mitigation, carry out remediation efforts, and enhance data protection solutions. 

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Protect your data from dangerous ransomware threats For ransomware prevention, follow these three vital steps: detect, respond and recover. IBM Security® products and experts can help you examine deep data security analytics, integrate security tools to gain insights into threats and prepare your teams with a response playbook. Ransomware threat detection and prevention

Speed incident analysis, mitigation and remediation with real-time insights into potential incidents, enabling security analysts to detect and respond to various types of ransomware attacks and malware, and limit the cybercriminals’ impact with anti-ransomware protection solutions.

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Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

Prevent ransomware infections by addressing vulnerabilities and guarding against phishing emails they exploit. Get endpoint security with an EDR tool that blocks and isolate malware and ransomware across all endpoints, remote and on-premises.

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Cyber resiliency in store

Protect your data and identify cybersecurity threats by using inline data corruption detection through machine learning to monitor data patterns looking for anomalous behaviors that are indicative of a ransomware attack.

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Ransomware protection services Transform your business and manage risk with a global industry leader in cybersecurity consulting, cloud and managed security services.  Incident response services

Our defensive security services, which include subscription-based incident preparation, detection and emergency incident response programs, can help you detect, respond and contain a cybersecurity incident before significant damage occurs.

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Risk management services

By integrating security risk management within your overall business strategy, including ransomware protection, executives can make better decisions by quantifying security risk in financial terms. 

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Cyber threat management services

Our security analysts can provide on-demand 24/7 monitoring, analysis and response of security alerts across hybrid cloud environments. Read how they can help you predict, prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats and increase business resilience.

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Case study
Preventing malware and ransomware attacks with endpoint protection Learn how an international shipping company used IBM Security® QRadar® EDR, formerly ReaQta, to deploy automated endpoint protection on ships with limited network connectivity. With the ransomware protection solution installed on all ship endpoints, automated response and remediation helped the company stop ransomware attacks. Read the case study
Ransomware protection resources What is ransomware?

Learn about ransomware attacks and how they work to take your data hostage. Explore how to stop ransomware attacks with ransomware protection solutions and the importance of updating cybersecurity tools including anti-malware and antivirus software and firewalls.

Read the Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023

Understand how to mitigate risk and get cost benchmarks for various countries and industries. Read how ransomware protection solutions help to manage cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities. Go beyond basic antivirus solutions to reduce the attack surface with anti-ransomware protection solutions for protecting your business.

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index

Learn how ransomware attacks—a type of extortion where hackers use malware to hold sensitive data hostage—are a top cybersecurity threat, comprising 21% of cyberattacks according to the X-Force® Threat Intelligence report.

What is ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS)?

Learn how ransomware developers use RaaS, a cybercrime business model, to sell their ransomware code to other hackers or cybercriminals, who then use it to carry out their own ransomware attacks.

Find the right solution for your business

Whether with a security expert to guide you or through exploring for yourself, you can find the right anti-ransomware solution for your ransomware protection needs here. 

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