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Secure endpoints from cyberattacks, detect anomalous behavior and remediate in near real time
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Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are more important than ever, as endpoints remain the most exposed and exploited part of any network, with the average organization managing thousands. The rise of malicious and automated cyber activity targeting endpoints leaves organizations that rely on traditional endpoint security approaches struggling against attackers who exploit zero-day vulnerabilities with ease and launch a barrage of ransomware attacks. The volume of alerts is leading to fatigued analysts struggling with complex tooling, alert overload and time-consuming investigations.

IBM Security® QRadar® EDR, formerly ReaQta, remediates known and unknown endpoint threats in near real time with easy-to-use intelligent automation that requires little-to-no human interaction. You can make quick and informed decisions with attack visualization storyboards and use automated alert management to focus on threats that matter. Advanced continuous learning AI capabilities and a user-friendly interface put security staff back in control and help safeguard business continuity.

Enrich QRadar® SIEM logs with high-fidelity endpoint alerts

Integrate IBM Security QRadar EDR with QRadar SIEM with no impact to your EPS count

See how QRadar EDR highlighted its out-of-the-box, real-time endpoint detection capabilities in the latest MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations
Benefits Get a clear line of sight

Regain full control over all endpoint and threat activity with heightened visibility across your environment. Designed to be undetectable by adversaries, NanoOS technology provides deep visibility into the processes and applications running on endpoints.

Automate your response

Our continuously-learning AI detects and responds autonomously in near real time to previously unseen threats and helps even the most inexperienced analyst with guided remediation and automated alert handling.

Move from reactive to proactive

Get ahead of attackers with easy-to-create detection and response use cases that return results in seconds, leaving dormant threats with no room to hide. Easy-to-build use cases are deployed across the organization without interrupting endpoint uptime.

Product features
Behavioral tree A behavioral tree provides full alert and attack visibility. A user-friendly visual storyline helps analysts speed up their investigation and response. From here, analysts can also access containment controls and three stages of incidence response: triaging, response and protection policies.
Cyber Assistant alerts The Cyber Assistant, an AI-powered alert management system, can autonomously handle alerts, reducing analysts’ workloads.
Cyber Assistant recommendations The Cyber Assistant learns from analyst decisions, then retains the intellectual capital and learned behaviors to make recommendations and help reduce false positives.
Custom detection strategies  Detection Strategy (DeStra) scripting allows users to build custom detection strategies—beyond preconfigured models—to address compliance or company-specific requirements without the need to reboot the endpoint.
Ransomware Ransomware attacks are on the rise and will only continue to grow in frequency and complexity. Antivirus methods are no longer enough. QRadar EDR can help organizations detect and stop ransomware, in near real-time.
Interactive tour
Client stories Critical infrastructure

A water management facility uses QRadar EDR to track a highly sophisticated supply chain attack.


An international shipping company deploys automated endpoint security on ships with limited satellite connectivity.


A major international airport uses QRadar EDR to hunt for malware in an air-gapped network.

Resources ESG Technical Validation for IBM Security QRadar EDR

ESG evaluated QRadar EDR’s ability to use AI and machine learning (ML) to detect and mitigate threats to endpoints.

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IBM Security QRadar EDR solution brief

Learn about QRadar EDR, an AI-powered, automated endpoint security solution for tackling both known and unknown threats.

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Product reviews
QRadar® MDR Have IBM experts manage your Endpoint Detection & Response. 24x7 managed endpoint detection and response—powered by AI, delivered by IBM Managed Security Services. Explore QRadar MDR Full alert management

All detections (low, medium, high severity) are investigated, analyzed and managed, without extra effort from the local security team.

Rapid threat containment

Analysts will respond against active threats by way of termination and removal of malicious files or processes, creation of blocking policies or by isolating the endpoints.

Proactive threat hunting

Proactive threat hunting is powered by X-Force threat intelligence and done continuously by the QRadar EDR console, which searches for potential indicators of attack and compromise.

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Explore the full QRadar Suite

Detect and eliminate threats faster with a modernized product suite designed to unify the security analyst experience.


Run your business in the cloud and on premises with visibility and security analytics built to rapidly investigate and prioritize critical threats.


QRadar Log Insights

Gain complete visibility over your exponential and continuously growing digital footprint.



Improve your security operations center (SOC) efficiency and ensure your response processes are met with an intelligent automation and orchestration solution.

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