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Keep your restaurant running smoothly with AI that handles the toughest orders

Hire the best order taker for your drive-thru

IBM watsonx Orders™ is an AI-powered voice agent that accurately takes orders from your drive-thru guests and speeds them to the pay window. It supports a multitude of use cases, including loyalty programs and mobile orders. It knows the customization options of every menu item. It’s aware of what’s available and what’s not. And it works every shift, every day.

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Introducing watsonx Orders


The AI behind watsonx Orders

Benefits Optimize the drive-thru order-taking experience for guests and crew with an AI-powered voice assistant you can rely on. Maximized drive-thru revenue

watsonx Orders can take 87% of orders on average without crew intervention, including orders with complex customizations, mobile pickups and loyalty codes. It can gracefully hand off to a crew member when needed.

Speedy service

Like a veteran crew member, watsonx Orders is friendly and speedy. It keeps dialog to a minimum for maximum throughput—up to 150 cars an hour in a dual-lane drive-thru.*

Labor gains

watsonx Orders is your most reliable employee that shows up every day. It performs the equivalent of up to 48 hours of labor a day in a dual-lane drive-thru delivering significant savings a year per restaurant.*

Key features
Integration to tech stack

watsonx Orders taps into your central corporate menu management system, and knows precisely how guests can customize items and when they can order them.

Powerful AI

watsonx Orders offers powerful AI voice recognition tailored for the noisy drive-thru setting, and uses fine-tuned, large language models and generative AI capabilities designed to drive greater accuracy and faster orders.

One company, one contract

IBM provides all the hardware, software and integrations for frictionless installation at each restaurant. The installation is also backed by IBM support.

Orders in action

watsonx Orders smoothly and quickly guides customers during every step of the drive-thru experience.

Vehicle detection When the car arrives to the drive-thru lane, the loop and/or camera detects the vehicle and watsonx Orders greets the customer as soon as they arrive.

Order initiation The customer speaks and watsonx Orders listens. No "wake word" is needed.

Audio processing watsonx Orders removes background noise, recognizes spoken language, and turns it into sequences of commands and menu items. Customers can make multiple requests without pausing, and order however comes naturally to them.

Order display As the customer speaks, watsonx Orders adds items to the order ticket and displays changes in real time.

Order completion As the customer completes the order, watsonx Orders asks for confirmation, performs final changes and displays the total amount due.

Crew notification Watsonx Orders sends the order to the restaurant's point of sales system, which sends the order to the kitchen and prepares the drive-thru window attendant for cashiering and presenting.

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*All client examples cited or described are presented as illustrations of the manner in which some clients have used IBM products and the results they may have achieved. Actual environmental costs and performance characteristics will vary depending on individual client configurations and conditions. Generally expected results cannot be provided as each client's results will depend entirely on the client's systems and services ordered.