Gain full control over your AI chatbot development lifecycle
Seamless, test-to-deploy lifecycle management so your team can develop winning artificial intelligence chatbots without interfering with your live channels
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Manage all your assistants and environments in a single instance

Streamline the bot development process of AI-powered experiences with IBM watsonx Assistant. A single, robust interface saves your development team from maintaining separate instances, resources, and assistants. Gain efficiencies when you build, deploy, and manage AI chatbots with messaging versions across multiple environments. Enjoy full functionality control across draft, staging, and live versions, so you can reduce your budget and time-to-deploy.

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  Complete version history Update your assistants without fear of overwriting prior messaging versions. You can see the full version history in the chatbot platform, so if a bug is found, you can quickly revert to the best prior version. Create incremental updates of AI chatbots so your bot developers can experiment to create the best customer experience and conversational flow. Get safer versioning control

  Streamlined testing pipeline You can build, test, and deploy multiple messaging versions of your chatbots in a single interface — with no need to jump back and forth between different instances. Eliminate the cost of maintaining multiple resources. Your team can create different environments in a single assistant as they build virtual assistants, making the chatbot development process easier than ever. Between draft and live, add up to three test environments for a linear test-to-deploy process. Save time with easier testing

  Collaborate across teams Access control enables close collaboration during AI chatbot development. Set different permissions for each test environment for individuals or groups, with clear separation between your chatbot authors in the draft environment and your production deployment for clients in the live environment.

  Seamlessly automate testing There’s no need for you to maintain separate testing processes with watsonx Assistant’s chatbot solution. A public API enables seamless integrations with the existing testing and CI/CD pipeline. Get and list all versions, then promote them across environments—with automation saving you time and budget, and boosting the customer experience. See the available API
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Seamlessly build, deploy, and manage chatbots

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Start with a chatbot builder with an intuitive user interface that doesn’t require any special front-end or back-end coding skills. Pre-built templates and integrations streamline your workflows and enable your team to easily create and customize actions.

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Stay ahead as you improve your AI chatbots based on comprehensive and easy-to-use metrics and insights. Drive better end-user experiences.

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