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Tel: +32-2-339-3333
Fax: +32-2-339-3963

Tel: +32-2-339-3333

IBM Belgium SA/NV
Avenue du Bourget / Bourgetlaan 42
B-1130 Brussels

1Language is French
230 day up and running support is no longer valid for IBM PC products. 30 day up and running support is valid only for Lenovo products.
3Language is Dutch
4Language is English


Technical Support

Electronic service requests can be submitted for hardware or software under warranty or with a support contract.
  IBM Hardware and Software Support
(All Platforms, Operating Systems, Rational, WebSphere, Information Management, Cognos, SPSS, Lotus, & Tivoli)
Tel: +32 7879 0088

For local IBM Authorized Warranty Service Providers:
Email :
Tel: 02 210 9897

Customer support

Contracts, orders status, delivery, inventory, invoices and payments.