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“[With IBM Z] We could bring changes to the business in a much higher speed, while at the same time safeguarding that they still perform.”

—Ralph Van Beek, DevOps Architect, Rabobank

Banking case studies

Danske Bank

Keeps key development tools available, performing well, and supporting faster test/development cycles.

Bank of New York Mellon

Securely moves massive amounts of blockchain data with IBM Z.

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Build customer trust and tackle disruption on the platform chosen by 44 of the top 50 banks.

Government case studies

Department of the Treasury, Puerto Rico

Deploys a continuous availability solution based on IBM z14™ to ensure maximum uptime.


Improves Java and workload performance on IBM Z for faster, more efficient government services that support new tax initiatives.

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IBM Z is helping governments deliver better services quickly, efficiently and with the highest security.

Healthcare case studies

HM Health Solutions

Achieves security, operational excellence and analytics with private cloud on IBM Z.


Ensures fast, accurate prescription data analysis while taking on 20M new members – with no impact on performance.

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Keep data safe and available—without changes to SLAs—and apply machine learning for deeper insights without special skills.

Insurance case studies

North Carolina Farm Bureau (NCFB)

Insurer delivers fast, personalized services at scale with cutting-edge technology.

UK insurance company

Removes barriers to innovation by increasing control and quality of its application development processes and cutting time-to-market.

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The right IT platform provides performance and scalability to handle large amounts of data securely, and is ready for blockchain and machine learning.

IT services case studies


Uses IBM z14 for peace of mind that customer information is kept secure, in compliance with data protection regulations.


Enables banking clients to focus on reaching new customers with reliable, secure technology services.

Reiknistofa Bankanna (RB)

Shares mainframe capacity with 3 companies to lower TCO securely.


Offers customers the best of two worlds: stability of the mainframe and agility to bring their enterprise applications into the digital age.

NTT Data

Speeds DevOps by quickly analyzing and visualizing legacy applications.


Employs IBM Z Development and Test Environment as a service on x86 servers in the cloud, thus helping clients develop for IBM Z faster and more flexibly.

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Our new web and mobile apps are directly linked to the mainframe via RESTful APIs, so our employees always have access to the very latest data.

Manuel Granbichler, Team Lead Systems Programming, Wüstenrot

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