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Enterprises need to move to cloud to stay agile, flexible and competitive, but they need to do it without risking business disruption, security, compliance or performance

Regardless of cloud provider or destination, and no matter the size and level of complexity, IBM helps drive accelerated cloud migrations. Our standard processes, tools and automation can help reduce cost, improve reliability and productivity, and ensure you are security-rich and compliant across your enterprise. With over 100,000 migrations completed, IBM can help you successfully migrate your workloads to the cloud.

Start migrating to cloud now

Benefit from industry-leading tools, automation and a worldwide team of experts. We’ll work with you to assess, optimize, launch and streamline data collection so you can reliably perform migration workloads — all in a pay-as-you-go operating expense model.

IBM Cloud Migration demo: Schedule a one-on-one with a cloud migration expert

Need assistance on cloud migration? Engage with our team of experts who can guide you on your journey to cloud.

Webinar: Learn about critical success factors for the journey to cloud - processes, methods and tools that deliver predictable results

Without a solid cloud strategy, it’s tough to succeed

Find the right cloud adoption strategy for your organization's needs
IBM can advise on workload, application and DevOps transformation, along with various operating and disposition models. Business case and ROI projections help determine which cloud models make sense for your business.

Still running legacy applications?

Get more out of your existing app investments
We know you may be dealing with complex interdependencies, inflexible architectures, redundancy and out-of-date technology. We can help you with a plan to migrate and modernize so you can take advantage of the cloud infrastructure, unlock potential business value and improve business agility.

Build new applications on cloud

Quickly develop and release apps with minimal incidents
Boost your agility, speed, scalability and operational efficiency. Employ cloud-native development using microservices and API constructs that are built on containers or Cloud Foundry–based platforms.

Effectively manage your public, private and multiclouds

Manage your public, private and multi-cloud environments at any scale
Smoothly transition and manage your application portfolios with integrated service-level management and a scalable, agile DevOps platform of cloud and security services. With these optimized workloads, you can reduce costs and improve operational reliability, productivity and response times.

Key migration building blocks

Factory-based model for scalable delivery

Migrate across multiple platforms — from physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, cloud to cloud and data center to cloud — and get end-to-end cloud service delivery, repeatable workload migration and application portfolio transformation at speed and scale.

Security-rich, proven framework for streamlined migration

Use pre-defined client demand profiles and capability patterns. The IBM Cloud Innovate Methodology provides architectures, practices and toolsets with industry best practices including IBM Design Thinking, Lean Startup and agile development for cloud adoption and transformation.

DevOps expertise for dramatically reduced DevOps cycle times

Define and execute your DevOps adoption journey, including necessary cultural and organizational changes. Leverage IBM, open-source and industry-leading dynamic DevOps toolchains.

Cloud services integration for streamlined multi-cloud management

Integrate with a single managed service across multiple vendors and all deployment models, a common orchestration process and cloud brokerage services.

Multi-cloud platform support for migration from anywhere to anywhere

Migrate with platform-specific best practices and toolchains, standard process and methods, and a dedicated major public cloud migration and delivery practice with certified professionals.

IBM Cloud Private

Optimize your investments with a migration path to the IBM Cloud Private (ICP) platform and leverage the containerized versions of IBM middleware.

Case studies

See what cloud migration did for these enterprises

Godrej Group

Cloud infrastructure will enable Godrej to innovate and differentiate digitally while managing risks better

Etihad Airways and KONE

Digitization of products and services, mastery of data and predictive maintenance allow Etihad Aviation Group and KONE to elevate customer experiences in the cloud.

American Airlines

To become more responsive to customer needs, American Airlines needed a new technology platform and a new approach to development.

Talk to an IBM cloud migration expert

Dinesh Sharma

Associate Partner, GTS

Latest thinking

Five keys to cloud migration success

To ensure a successful, seamless migration, here's what you need to think about.

Cloud migration overview

See how leading organizations have transformed themselves through cloud migration and embedded best practices.

Manage VM workloads in the cloud exactly as you would on premises

IBM Cloud™ and VMware streamline hybrid cloud adoption.

Cloud migration: Today’s business imperative

When considering moving to the cloud, the first and arguably the most important step is to formulate a strategy.

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