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A letter to our community during this crisis

I hope this note finds you most importantly healthy and safe. Many countries and areas are imposing much-needed restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19. We understand these restrictions are causing you unprecedented disruption to your business and daily life. As we learn to settle in this new “normal” and adjust to the dynamics of the situation, I want to tell you that IBM stands with you during this turbulent time. The IBM Data Science and AI Elite (DSE) team is committed to helping you thrive and succeed in your AI adoption and data science projects.

Please utilize this robust set of remote data science resources and recommendations provided by the DSE team.

Armand Ruiz
Director, Data Science and AI Elite team

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Adapt to stay on track

There are several dynamic elements to consider while leading data science projects. Strategizing with a team and executing these vital tasks away from the office can bring complexity, communication barriers and added workload that may throw you off course. Explore the sections below to keep your most pressing data science work uninterrupted while operating in a remote environment.

Making Global Strides with Data Science

Together with our client team and data, the IBM Data Science Elite Team gives clients and organizations the skills, methods, and tools to transform their business and prove value with their data in weeks. With references from Highmark, UNEP, Rolls-Royce, and beyond, the DSE drives impact for our customers and for citizens around the globe.

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What we do

The IBM Data Science and AI Elite (DSE) team partners with organizations across industries to help kick-start their journey to AI. We interact with clients through engagements: two- to six-week proof-of-value projects where our data scientists work side-by-side with clients on discovery, scoping, sprint planning and hands-on active coding.

When leveraging the Industry Accelerators - use case templates containing sample data, models and documentation - the DSE team helps clients get up and running even sooner.

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