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Support up to 10 million transactions per day by automating and consolidating B2B processes

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1 gateway + 1 platform = multiple B2B processes

IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator helps companies integrate all their complex B2B and EDI processes across partner communities in a single gateway. It provides a flexible platform, available on premises or through hybrid cloud, that supports data transformation and most communication protocols; secures your B2B network and data; provides certified container support; and achieves high availability for operations with IBM Sterling Global Mailbox. B2B Integrator enables you to reduce costs by consolidating on a single platform and automating B2B processes across enterprises, while providing governance, adherence to standards and visibility for those processes.

The Business Value of IBM Sterling B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer Solutions
High-availability B2B operations

High-availability gateway platform built for the most demanding environments, with global mailbox options for geographic distribution and real-time data replication.

Reduce installation and patch time

Significantly reduce installation and patch time from hours to minutes by deploying your solution with a certified container that has all required components.

Easily connect with partners

Centralize onboarding and easily connect to all your business partners, regardless of size, geography or chosen technologies.

Assets Cutting supply chain risks and saving millions

Brother International Europe embraces managed EDI services.

The strategic role of APIs with EDI in modern B2B collaboration

Gartner estimates that by 2023, over 50% of B2B transactions will be performed through real-time application programming interfaces.

Key highlights
Certified containers

IBM Certified Containers for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator are enterprise-grade, security-rich product editions with integrated common software services for consistent-deployment lifecycle management, including easy install and configure options, management of upgrade and roll-back, scalability, and security.

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Communications protocol support

An extensive set of communication protocols are supported out-of-box including web services, S/FTP/S client and server, HTTP/S, SMTP, Applicability Statement (AS1-AS4), RosettaNet, WebDAV and Zengin TCP/IP, plus SSL, SSH and others — so you never have to say "no" to an on-boarding request.

Centralized onboarding

While B2B Integrator can onboard trading partners, IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager works in conjunction with B2B Integrator to help centralize onboarding across RESTful API-enabled applications. Self-service onboarding for partners and line-of-business staff ends reliance on IT, while a "local" feature allows the storage of sensitive partner data behind your firewall.

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Resources IDC Business Value snapshot of Sterling B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer Solutions

Check out the key results, business impact and contributing factors that demonstrate the value of IBM Sterling B2B and Managed File Transfer solutions.

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Western Union

Moving money effectively with highly available file transfer for billion-dollar transaction volumes.

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Niagara Bottling

Making a splash in new markets with scalable and highly available EDI services.

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Li & Fung

Building the supply chain of the future to help customers navigate through the digital economy.

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White paper: The future of EDI

Discover how to modernize your B2B connectivity by complementing EDI with IoT, blockchain and AI.

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The IT architect’s guide to managed file transfer consolidation

Learn the key characteristics needed to modernize legacy file transfer.

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Infographic: Innovation thrives in the cloud

Move quickly to migrate your B2B collaboration solution to hybrid cloud with IBM Certified Containers.

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