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Engage your suppliers and streamline your Scope 3 – Category 1 emissions calculations to meet reporting requirements and optimize performance
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Streamline your Scope 3 emissions management

The IBM® Envizi™ Supply Chain Intelligence module captures and aggregates high-volume supplier and product-level transaction data for Scope 3 emissions and reporting, with a focus on Category 1 – Purchased Goods & Services.

Transactional data, including spend, is directly integrated from ERP and financial accounting systems. The embedded emissions calculation engine automates Scope 3 emissions calculation for individual order lines, prioritizing supplier-specific PCF data when available; otherwise, average data or spend-based emissions factors are used. Analytics tools deliver insights to underpin emissions reduction activities.

Designed for scalability, the ESG supply chain software manages large datasets to evolve with organizational needs. It streamlines supplier collaboration and integrates advanced carbon accounting within a software suite that covers all Scope 1, 2 and 3 categories.

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Module features
Automated data capture Capture order line transactional data from ERP and financial systems, streamlining the process and improving data quality.

Supplier engagement and analysis tools Engage suppliers with direct portal access for data entry and automated response monitoring. Identify emissions hotspots to determine where to focus improvement efforts.

Data quality management Assess emissions data quality with configurable thresholds, streamlining the process of emissions tracking and reporting.

Comprehensive visualization of Scope 3 performance Aggregate and report supplier emissions data across multiple dimensions.
Enterprise ready performance dashboard Comprehensive overview of supply chain emissions performance, providing valuable insights into the environmental impact of operations across the entire supply chain network.
Supply chain emissions data at your fingertips The IBM Envizi Supply Chain Intelligence module tackles the challenges associated with dealing with high volume, complex data and delivers the following outcomes. Engage Suppliers at Scale

Systematic, auditable methodology and tools to engage suppliers at scale for the collection, calculation and management of emissions data including product and sector-level emissions factors.

Deliver on corporate and statutory reporting requirements

Create a fully auditable, comprehensive view of Scope 3 – Category 1 emissions to inform disclosure and reporting requirements.

Inform emissions reduction efforts with data

Make data-driven decisions to deliver on emissions reduction commitments.  Pinpoint emissions hotspots, prioritize actions and track and report results.

Built on the GHG Protocol

GHG Protocol

The 'Built on GHG Protocol' mark recognizes accounting resources that have been developed in conformance with GHG Protocol standards.

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