Accelerate change with software as a service (SaaS)

Software as a service — simply defined as cloud-based applications accessed through the web or an API — helps you stay ahead of your competition. Gain cognitive analytics, innovative business processes and better customer experiences with ready-to-use SaaS apps that deploy rapidly and with minimal impact on IT resources. From human resources and marketing to finance, IT, and many other roles, SaaS apps help you move faster. IBM Cloud® SaaS apps are scalable around the world and are designed to be secure, so your data stays safe.

Deep domain expertise
Move faster with apps that are tailored for specific roles.

Cognitive analytics
Build on your experience and industry knowledge with cognitive capabilities.

Secure, available and scalable
Count on your mission-critical apps to be there when you need them.

Innovate with strategic apps for every role

From front office to back office, SaaS apps can help every department become a center of innovation for you. Engage customers more effectively with better marketing campaigns, recruit and retain the right new talent for your team, or drive strategic procurement savings — it’s all possible with IBM.

SaaS apps help drive change

Gain business and IT expertise with SaaS

From our clients

With IBM, we took a 12-day hiring process and reduced it to one day. Our people serve our clients, so if we can't get them hired through the process efficiently and quickly, that has a real impact to our business and to the bottom line.

Kerri Jones Director, Talent Acquisition Programs, H&R Block

Clients experiencing success with SaaS apps from IBM

Recruiting process no longer taxing for H&R Block

H&R Block implements cloud-based talent management software to accelerate its hiring and onboarding processes.

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Verisure collaborates within the security of the IBM Cloud

Mears Group improves services with IBM Watson® Analytics

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