Performance to match your needs

Call them dedicated servers or bare metal servers. IBM enterprise-grade compute resources can handle your highly demanding performance needs — with all the specs you want.

Bare metal features

On demand

Pick an IBM Cloud data center and provision your pre-configured server in 20 to 30 minutes. Build it to spec and get online within two to four hours. 

Your server, your specs

Tailor your bare metal server to your needs with customizable processors, RAM, hard drives, GPUs and more. Bare metal servers also come in hourly and monthly options.

Raw horsepower

Single-tenant, dedicated servers packed with enterprise-grade power, these servers are built to master processor- and disk I/O-intensive workloads. High performance for high intensity is the name of the game.

Seamless integration

IBM bare metal servers and your existing virtual servers play together nicely. Integrate them now or whenever your application complexity calls for it.

Give your business a boost with bare metal servers

Get started

Your workloads deserve the right resources to handle them. Learn how easy it is to build your bare metal server now.