What is IBM Cloud Dedicated?

IBM Cloud Dedicated is a single-tenant cloud platform for building, running and managing your cloud applications. With IBM Cloud Dedicated, you get the power and simplicity of IBM Cloud — in your own isolated IBM Cloud infrastructure environment that is securely connected to both the IBM Cloud public environment and your own network. IBM Cloud Dedicated comes with the same set of Cloud Foundry runtimes available in IBM Cloud public and includes 64 GB of application memory that can be scaled higher in increments of 16 GB as needed.

IBM Cloud Dedicated features

Dedicated to you

A single tenancy environment that is dedicated to you – allowing you to satisfy regulatory and legal compliance.

Focus on your apps

Focus on building customer applications and services. IBM manages the platform and your dedicated services.

Global locations

Bringing you closer to your users with dedicated living in any IBM Cloud data center around the globe.


Highly customizable, to fit your needs. All while secure and scalable.

Secure connectivity

Securely connect Cloud Dedicated with your data center using VPN. Optionally use Direct Link for demanding workloads.

Developer productivity

Boost productivity with Cloud Dedicated. IBM Cloud manages things like infrastructure provisioning and scaling, health monitoring and fail-over setup, upgrades, security monitoring and automated backups.

Service catalog

Choose from a core set of services that can be deployed in the dedicated environment. Optionally syndicate public services to enable hybrid use cases.

What’s new

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service is now available in Cloud Dedicated environments.

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