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MultiLine™ by Movius on IBM Cloud enables work-from-anywhere
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Many organizations want to adopt a “mobile-first” business strategy, where smartphones or tablets can be used to get the job done. At the same time, some still have security concerns related to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. Alternatives that give organizations more control usually offer less privacy for employees. Employees might choose to use a separate device for business, but who really wants to carry two phones?

The MultiLine™ by Movius solution running on the IBM Cloud® offers the best of both worlds: employees can have a designated business number on their own device, while keeping their primary number for personal use.

Delivering the service to an international enterprise audience required Movius to team with leading telecommunications carriers worldwide. To position its business for rapid, seamless growth, the company had to shift from an on-premises IT infrastructure to a cloud platform with far-reaching data center presence and powerful bare metal server technology. Additionally, Movius needed robust backup and restore capabilities to support its enterprise customers in complying with industry regulations for voice and text messaging data retention.

Cost savings


The Veeam on IBM Cloud service helps save USD 75,000 in annual data protection costs.

Reduced deployment time


One Movius financial services client deployed the MultiLine solution in 15 days to comply with MiFID II.

Leveraging IBM Cloud allows us to really focus on what we’re good at and what we need to in order to deliver a successful service. Amit Modi CTO, CISO and Evangelist Movius
Going global on an IBM Cloud platform

While evaluating a cloud platform partner, Movius found that IBM stood out because it fulfilled key criteria for the company. One was a platform designed for high availability, as that is essential for real-time telecommunication services, geographic points of presence, very deeply embedded security and a set of services that Movius could build upon.

“Everyone talks about the scalability of the cloud, but to be able to scale at a component level, add and remove resources as needed, add more services, whether they are compute, storage or other pieces, and deploy geographically—we could bring something like that to bear only with the infrastructure in the partnership we have with IBM,” says Amit Modi, CTO, CISO and Evangelist at Movius.

To team with telecommunications companies in rapidly rolling out its MultiLine service, Movius created a repeatable deployment plan for fast, seamless implementation in IBM Cloud data centers worldwide. The company runs its telephony application in self-managed VMware environments hosted on an IBM Cloud bare metal server infrastructure in Dallas, Texas; Mexico City, Mexico; London, England; and Sydney, Australia. Movius plans to provision additional disaster recovery infrastructure in Washington, DC, and Singapore.

The Veeam on IBM Cloud service delivers cloud data management capabilities, helping the company support data availability, meet industry-specific data retention compliance requirements and optimize its business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy. The Veeam solution also helps Movius save USD 75,000 in data protection costs each year.

To help ensure the resiliency and optimization of its MultiLine service, Movius chose the IBM Cloud Internet Services (CIS) solution, a set of edge network services. In addition to optimizing and supporting ongoing availability of web applications, the CIS solution provides security-rich protections for internet-facing applications from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, data theft and bot attacks.

IBM® Global Financing offered Movius a payment plan that enabled the client to align cost outlays with anticipated benefits while optimizing cash flow.

We needed an infrastructure that is scalable, that is reliable, that is forward-looking and that comes with a set of services that are essential for us to deliver our solution. And that’s really what we found with the IBM partnership. Amit Modi CTO, CISO and Evangelist Movius
Gaining agility and driving continued expansion

The IBM Cloud solution provides the scalable global hosting platform Movius needs for quick, agile delivery of its innovative offering. “With IBM Cloud, we have a highly consistent deployment that’s easily implementable across locations,” says Modi. “We have a very mature cloud platform with a documented set of capabilities, and we can provision compute, network and storage resources in a matter of minutes.”

And with the Veeam service, Movius strengthens and standardizes its backup and restore functionality across a continually expanding infrastructure. In addition to helping enterprise customers address diverse regulatory requirements, the Veeam solution supports greater availability and resiliency for the company’s cornerstone service offering.

With the simple HTTP page checks and fast failover functionality available with the CIS solution, Movius can help ensure that customers experience no downtime in the event of a front-end or back-end service failure at one of its sites.

IBM’s expertise and well-established reputation as a trusted infrastructure provider help Movius focus on its business-critical needs and offer a compelling value proposition to potential customers. “We’re not in the data center business; we’re in the business of connecting people,” explains Modi. “Leveraging IBM Cloud allows us to really focus on what we’re good at and what we need to in order to deliver a successful service. And it gives us credibility as we go to market and talk to enterprise customers.”

In fact, when regulated users from the London office of a Chinese commercial bank began working from home during the pandemic in 2020, the office deployed mobile recording across work and personal devices with MultiLine™ by Movius. In just 15 days, the financial services company complied with Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) regulations.

Powered by IBM Cloud technology and supported by the larger IBM network of expert technology service providers, Movius anticipates continued business growth and global expansion. “We have to deliver real-time communications and a business-critical service,” says Modi. “We needed an infrastructure that is scalable, that is reliable, that is forward-looking and that comes with a set of services that are essential for us to deliver our solution. And that’s really what we found with the IBM partnership.”

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About Movius

Headquartered in Atlanta, Movius is the leading global provider in cloud-based secure mobile communications software, helping enterprises deliver better engagement for their clients. Enterprises around the world use the company’s all-in-one mobility platform to connect with their customers in more convenient, cost-effective and compliant ways.

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