Veeam on IBM Cloud
Predictable backup and fast recovery for your entire hybrid cloud—letting you more easily move on-premises workloads and backups to the cloud for disaster recovery
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Veeam on IBM Cloud® can deliver reliable backup and predictable disaster recovery (DR) for virtual and physical workloads, wherever they reside—across your data center and the cloud. Veeam on IBM Cloud is a non-IBM product offered under the terms and conditions from Veeam. Discover why IBM Cloud won a 2020 Veeam Innovation Award at VeeamON.

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How to use Veeam Cloud Connect Replication

Benefits Global disaster recovery infrastructure

Build a DR strategy based on business objectives—not budget limits—when you pair Veeam replication with the no-cost networking available between more than 60 IBM Cloud Data Centers.

Native Veeam across your hybrid cloud

Manage backup and recovery across your entire data center, remote office and cloud infrastructure with the same full features and capabilities to simplify and streamline administration.

Do-it-yourself or BaaS-availability choices

Take advantage of flexible options to meet your backup and disaster recovery needs. Do it yourself, or work with IBM experts for planning, architecture, migration and end-to-end management services.

Features Backup and replication

Employ both backup and replication for simple, security-rich backups and streamlined disaster recovery to achieve low recovery time and recovery-point objectives.


Recover exactly what you need for Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft SQL. Recover the critical data and applications that power your business, including Oracle and SAP HANA on IBM Cloud and Microsoft Office 365.


Gain fast, reliable restores of files, items or full VMs for on-premises virtual and physical workloads, hybrid environments and public clouds.

Automated long-term retention

Move backup files as they age out of the operational restore window to cost-effective, unlimited IBM Cloud Object Storage without incurring twice the cost.

Copy data management

Leverage data to accelerate time to market and application delivery, and to quickly test patches, updates and risks.

Monitoring and analytics

Employ monitoring, reporting and intelligence tools to help your business with the automation and control you need to maintain availability.

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