Securely modernize federal IT systems

IBM Cloud helps federal agencies balance oversight of mission critical operations with opportunities to bring innovative services and efficiencies into government, all while building more effective cyber defenses as the threats to government systems continue to increase.

Why IBM is the right choice for federal agencies

Security and compliance are priorities

Built with security in mind, IBM Cloud supports federal standards and offers end-to-end continuous security for cloud-native and enterprise applications and data.

Unequaled government expertise

IBM brings decades of experience working with the federal government to deliver cost efficiencies and driving digital innovation.

Leverage all your data to protect and serve citizens

Extract meaning from all your data with data science and AI solutions to automate processes, identify threats and improve citizen services.

Open standards

IBM has taken a leadership role in running cloud applications on open source platforms, assuring consistency and compatibility across all cloud platforms.

How IBM Cloud helps federal agencies modernize IT to advance their mission

US Army streamlines cargo delivery with IBM Watson®

The Army Airlift Clearance Authority in the United States uses AI enabled by IBM Cloud to identify $26 million in potential annual savings.

The CDC turns medical records into public health insights

Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control use IBM Blockchain to review electronic medical records and monitor public health.

What excites you about IT modernization?

IBM Cloud leaders Lauren Craig and Michael Schwartz discuss how cloud, AI and blockchain can support IT modernization and advance missions across the federal government. (Video by Scoop News Group)


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